Get the Look: Bronze Hair Color

From classic gold jewelry to contoured faces and deep copper fashion trends, the idea of bronzed beauty has long been popular. There’s something empowering about seeing or wearing an iconic shade of shimmery darkened gold. Though bronze is considered third place at the Olympics, it’s a standalone winner everywhere else — and that’s no different […]

What Glasses Style Makes You Look Younger?

Modern eyewear lets you express yourself. Today’s reading glasses feature plenty of luxe shapes and versatile colors. You’ll even find bold reading sunglasses and polished blue light reading glasses. If you like to wear these types of eyewear, the following glasses styles are trendsetting and youthful. Try a pair to look younger and make wearing […]

New and Dazzling Celebrity Styles

No matter the event, stars are making a splash on red carpets. From vintage glamor to futurism tinged with nostalgia, celebs are finding inventive ways to be more eco-conscious with their fashion, without having to sacrifice any glitz or glamor. If you are interested in some of the new ways that celebs are catching eyes, […]

10 Ways to Show Your Friends You’re Thinking of Them

Time can get the best of all of us sometimes, and before we know it, it’s been weeks or months since our friends have seen or heard from us. It’s hard to stay in touch during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But even if they don’t hear from you all the time, there […]

Best T-shirt Printing Methods for Small Businesses

T-shirts have long evolved from clothing items to excellent tools people use to express themselves. Many use this clothing to feature witty statements or pop culture references. That’s why launching a t-shirt printing business today is still considered a shrewd decision, thanks to a market that continues to grow by millions globally.

12 Must-Have Phone Accessories for Fashionistas

Like it or not, we carry our phones in our hands all the time, so they’re fashion accessories by default anyway. If you’re like us, and you like to be a little more deliberate about your aesthetic, then you’ll appreciate this list of 12 must-have phone accessories that every fashionista should own: Phone Case The […]

A Guide to the 10 Best Music Festival Outfits for Men

Put on your sunscreen and grab your shorts. It’s music festival season, which means that when you’re standing outside all day at the concert, you’ll need to figure out what to wear. Whether a laid-back beach outfit is more your style or you prefer a look that transitions from the festival to the nightclub, we […]

Fashion in the Future: Dolce & Gabbana Embraces NFTs

At its essence, fashion is art which means it’s always evolving. In the growing digital world, Dolce & Gabbana is embracing new ways for the world to enjoy the couture designs that the world expects from an established fashion house. That’s why the brand has become a leader in integrating NFTs into what we do. […]

How Dolce & Gabbana Cares for the Environment

The ethical code of Dolce & Gabbana is focused on maintaining harmonious relations with customers, vendors, and the environment. Caring for the environment is a particularly high priority as its health is foundational to all future endeavors. Moving Away From Fur  Historically, many populations, particularly the indigenous populations of North America, considered animals sacred and […]

Helpful Tips to Make Your Engagement Ring Stand Out

For many couples, an engagement ring is a way to demonstrate their love and unique style. It’s important for the engagement ring you choose to fit your and your partner’s personality. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that stands out, you can customize your ring to incorporate elements that significantly impact the ring. Designing […]