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Why Moissanite Engagement Rings are Growing in Popularity

Diamonds have long been seen as the go-to choose for engagement rings, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. However, the trend of using alternative stones in engagement rings has been growing in recent years, and one stone, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular.

Moissanite is a precious gemstone that may not be as widely known as other diamond alternatives like rubies, sapphires and emeralds, but its emergence as a solid stone for an engagement ring isn’t that surprising when you begin to look closely at it.

There are many reasons why moissanite is increasingly used in Toronto engagement rings. If you’re interested in a stunning diamond alternative with a wide range of benefits, read on to learn all about this fascinating gemstone.


A big reason people turn to moissanite is simply due to cost. Generally, moissanite is a more affordable alternative to a diamond. For those who want a similar look to diamond but don’t have the money, moissanite is a great alternative, and the value will be even greater with larger carat weights. For couples whose budget leaves only smaller, low-quality diamonds available, considering moissanite can be an attractive way to open up your range of options.


Moissanite is a viable option for those who want a similar look to diamonds. Despite both being colourless gems, moissanite does have its own unique characteristics due to its different faceting patterns. Moissanite often has more brilliance than diamonds, as well as more fire. Diamonds have more of a white light reflection, while moissanite has a light reflection more like a rainbow.


Diamonds are known to be tough. They are the hardest naturally occurring mineral, making them ideal for engagement rings as they aren’t likely to scratch during daily wear. They sit at a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which measures a mineral’s strength and ability to withstand scratching.

Not far behind is moissanite. While there are plenty of beautiful gemstones out there, many of them are recommended for engagement rings because they are too soft – they are likely to become scratched or chipped through daily wear. While not quite as tough as diamonds, moissanite sits very close on the Mohs scale, at a 9.5.

A Happy Medium

Many couples who get engaged have a desire to buck tradition and do things differently in both their engagement and wedding. This is being seen more and more from couples shopping for rings together to planning the proposal together.

Moissanite is a perfect stone to meet in the middle for those who want to move away from tradition while not eschewing it altogether. It’s different from diamonds but similar to colorful stones like sapphires and rubies.

There are pros and cons to any stone, and the best one will be the one that you prefer. Do your research and visit a local jewelry store to see what the stones will look like up close and which one appeals the most to you.

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