10 DIY Beauty Hacks to Make Your Day Better

10 DIY Beauty Hacks to Make Your Day Better: We all have days when makeup does not work the best for us. Sometimes applying the perfect eyeliner is a struggle, and other days we run out of the foundation. And sometimes we just can’t seem to achieve the look we want. But, there is a […]

7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose

7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose These days fashion is ever-changing, and people often dress for comfort. But, it’s still important for many to follow a certain style, or create a style that makes them stand out in the crowd. There are a few fashion styles that have been followed and loved throughout the […]


Almighty Allah blessed us with the beautiful blessing named EYES  eyes are the most important part of our life without eyes live of a person may called uncolored without any colour They  cannot see the beauty of life Almighty Allah created this universe and created man-kind and Allah bless them with immense blessings and eyes […]

How to make Eyes beautiful

Eyes are undoubtedly one of the most significant blessings in life. They enable us to see everything the world has to offer, and also act as the door to our hearts. We are able to convey our emotions and feelings thoroughly only because we have eyes. Therefore, it’s important that we pay utmost attention to […]