Bonding Ideas

3 Trendy Bonding Ideas for You and Your Boo

3 Trendy Bonding Ideas for You and Your Boo

PDA may be a hotly debated topic, but the desire to show off a thriving romantic relationship is universally understandable. Small gifts and relaxed bonding activities are a great way to let your partner know that you care, and to spread the love to the world around you by showing off a little. Couples underwear sets or indulgent mani-pedis might be perfect ways for you and your S.O. to enjoy a treat together and let your friends and followers know that you’ve got it bad.

Here are a few charming ideas to help you connect with your sweetheart:

Match up on an Intimate Level

Going in on a couples underwear set is the new, cuter version of wearing t-shirt sets printed with cheesy sayings. Parading around in fashionable undergarments with your honey is not only a sexy celebration of your relationship; it’s also an excellent practice for body positivity. Everyone deserves to feel awesome about how they look when they strip down. What better way to remind your partner of that than picking out a set of undies you both love and doing a photo shoot? It sure beats parading around in a set of matching knitted hats in the middle of summer. 

The most difficult part will be deciding if you want a set with a fun pattern, a solid color scheme, or a sleek and simple look. There’s also the question of whether you want a traditional fit or minimal coverage. Worst case scenario, you go with several choices and do a full-on fashion show.

Put The “Man” Into “Manicure”

Clean nails, neat cuticles, and soft heels aren’t just for the ladies. Setting up a pampering session is an easy date whether you’re in the salon or at home. In addition to a big selection of nail polish shades, make sure to incorporate products to clean and moisturize your nails as well. If your mani-pedi is taking place at home, set up a station with warm water and soap, a few clean towels, clippers, and your favorite lotion and cuticle oil. With those supplies, you can enjoy a nail care session together even if you or your S.O. don’t want a flashy coat of polish. No pedicure is complete without a foot and calf massage, which will add an even stronger feeling of intimacy to the grooming session.

Sweat It Out

Couples at the gym who film each other bench pressing might make it seem intimidating to exercise with your boo. But a workout date can be as simple and judgment-free as linking your ankles together and doing crunches on the living room floor.

There are major benefits to exercising as a couple: moving in sync with your partner, like when you’re running or counting push-ups together, creates nonverbal bonding between the two of you. This unspoken bonding that comes from physical activity can strengthen the emotional connection you have.

In addition, working out with someone else present helps keep you motivated and accountable to your fitness goals. It’s much less tempting to stop for a smoothie break every fifteen minutes when your S.O. is on curl-up number 63 right next to you. If you have the person you love by your side, it’s likely that you’ll have a lot more fun, bodybuilder or not.

Doing any (or all three) of these acts of self-care with your special someone can brighten up your mood and your relationship — not to mention your underwear drawer. They’re also highly Instagram-able. If your S.O. painted your nails flawlessly or picked out the perfect pair of drawers, you might as well post a few pictures to be the envy of your single friends and put some romance into the air.

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