4 Insider Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

4 Insider Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

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4 Insider Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

There are many beauty tips and secrets out there, and many go viral. But there are a few beauty secrets that only experts or insiders know. And those secrets are a game changer for beauty fanatics. From learning how to dress to impress to getting the natural, glow look, insiders know it all. Knowing those secrets can transform your whole look, whether it be in clothing or makeup. Today, let’s explore 4 beauty secrets that only insiders know. 

1. How to achieve natural looking skin with makeup:

The first step would be to apply BB cream like a moisturizer. Rather than using it minimally, makeup artist Sam Bryant uses BB cream like a cream. For her that makes her skin look even and lovely. Also, if you pat a bit of translucent powder on top of your blush, it will give a more natural look. And to prevent a blush from looking patchy it’s important to sweep the brush thoroughly through the blush powder, wipe of excess and then apply it to skin. That way, the blush will look blended in perfectly. 

2. Pretty nails are a girl’s best friend:

To save your nails from nail polish being smudged, it’s better to first apply the polish on your dominant hand. That makes it easier to apply nail polish on your weaker hand, while your dominant hand is wet. That is an advice from a Sally Hansen ambassador. Also, if you want your nail colour to look shiner, it’s important to apply a top coat of a polish that has a bit more shimmer. The shimmer will make the nail polish look more shiny without making it look obvious.

3. The secret to achieve beautiful lips:

Of your lips are dry and cracked, there’s a simple solution for that. And it only requires two ingredients: a wet cloth and lip balm. The trick it to apply lip balm first and gently scrub it with a wet cloth. Then wipe the balm with a dry cloth and apply lip balm again. You can apply your lipstick on top, and you have perfect lips. There are also tricks to make look your dark lipstick fuller. Because dark lipstick with make lips look small and thin, apply some extra lipliner can do the trick. Or if you want your lipstick to look more lively you can use a lipliner underneath the lipstick for that. So a lip liner is very important for the perfect lipstick application. 

4. Good clothes makes the man:

There are different way clothes look good on different people. For example, of short people wear vertical stripes it can make them look taller. So it’s important to know what type of clothes to shop for if you want to make a statement. It’s important to stay away from weird color combinations. It’s rather better to buy solid colors that compliment your skin color. Chose colors that are known to look together. Of course you can always be creative but it’s not always a good thing. It is also seen that big prints don’t look good on most people, so it better to shop tastefully by choosing smaller prints and designs with smaller motifs. 


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