Side Effects Of Drinking Soft Drinks

Weight gain It is unthinkable that cold drinks lead to weight gain. Sods and cold drinks are full of sugar which makes you lose weight fast. One can of Coca-Cola contains 8 teaspoons of sugar. Cold drinks may satisfy your cravings but do not fill your stomach. They may suppress hunger for a while but […]

Health benefits of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be an important part of your daily diet. They are natural and contain vitamins and minerals that can help you to stay healthy. They can also help protect against certain infections. There are many types of fruits and vegetables available and many ways to prepare and serve them. You should eat […]

Food Allergy

Anorexia nervosa is an autoimmune reaction that occurs immediately after eating a certain food. Even a small amount of food that causes allergies can cause symptoms and signs such as digestive problems, constipation or inflammation of the respiratory tract. For some people, anorexia can cause severe symptoms or even a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. Cow’s […]

Disadvantages of Junk Foods

What you eat and drink each day affects your health and well-being, both physically and mentally. A healthy diet, along with regular exercise, will help you to maintain a healthy weight, while reducing the risk of developing chronic illnesses, such as heart disease. However, eating regular amounts of fast and junk food will affect your […]

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented liquid made by apple juice. Apple cider vinegar is commonly used in salad dressing and many cooking recipes. It is using to minimize inflammation, relieve digestive issues and detoxify. There are too much health benefits of using this vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce blemishes or spots on […]

Benefits of olive oil

Olive is made from the fruit of the olive tree mostly grown in Spain, Italy and Greece. Olive oil is very healthy and also high in healthy fatty acids that are important for our health. As we know that there are many types of olives oil in market. Extra virgin oil is one of its […]

Is coffee bad for your heart

 Is coffee bad for your heart? More than ninety five million folks within the kingdom frequently consume occasional and these customers ar more and more inquisitive about the health effects of their most popular potable. British Heart Foundation statistics show there are around seven.6 million folks living with upset within the kingdom. Compared with people […]

Importance of Zinc in Daily Diet

Zinc is a nutrient and chemical element that supports growth in the period of childhood. Zinc supports a variety of functions  in the human body. It also enhances the immune system, it allows the body to produce proteins and DNA, enhances wound healing, and also plays a role in childhood growth and development. Zinc has antioxidant properties. Zinc […]

Rice Adulteration

Rice is a staple and widely grown crop with rich genetic diversity. Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice). Since it is difficult to differentiate the seeds of different kinds of rice on the basis of visual observation, so there is a high possibility of adulteration of same seed and […]

Health benefits and medical uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an evergreen  perennial, succulent, scrubby and  pea-green color plant. It grows in dry, tropical and semi-tropical climates throughout the world. The plant has triangular, fleshy leaves with sharp edges.  The botanical name of Aloe Vera is  Aloe barbadensis miller. It consists of two substances: A clear  gel and its yellow latex; which are used to […]