Emberify: Best Reels Ideas For Travel Influencers on Instagram

Emberify: Best Reels Ideas For Travel Influencers on Instagram

Today, traveling has become a form of therapy. However, in this busy, running world, many started to forget an essential thing called “Self-Care.” If you wonder what self-care is, it is the process of taking time to do something you love. It helps in improving both your mental and physical health. People globally consider traveling as one of the best forms of self-care. It helps reduce stress, lower the risk of illness, and 

many more. 

It is one of the reasons for the blooming of travel influencers around the world. Travel influencers are present in every social media possible. Most importantly, on Instagram! As we all know, Instagram is the best platform for featuring photographs and videos. As a travel influencer, you can utilize this app to showcase  

  • Different places you have visited.
  • Post colorful photos of beautiful destinations.
  • Share your travel journey through Instagram Reels.
  • Encourage more users to travel.
  • Upload educational videos that make a trip easy and fun.

With the tricks mentioned above, a travel influencer can shine on Instagram and gain more new followers as these types of videos are trending and excite people nowadays. You can also buy instagram views for your videos to enhance your reach worldwide. 

Why Is Travelling Therapeutic?

Do you know? According to research, people between the age group of 18 – 33 suffer the highest stress levels. Also, day-to-day stress and overall well-being are much higher in the 21st century than in the times before. Everyday life events like work and financial problems are the primary causes of poor mental health. Especially the COVID – 19 pandemic had people on edge. It became tough for people to keep up with all the sudden changes. 

So how can you rescue yourself from all this stress and anxiety? One exciting and fun thing you can try is traveling! It promotes happiness and helps you take your mind off things that are causing you stress. Also, many psychological professionals recommend frequent traveling to promote mental health. Hence traveling to new places and meeting new people is therapeutic. 

What are Instagram Reels?

As soon as its launch, Reels became the most used feature on Instagram. It is a new way to discover short videos on Instagram. What is the secret to going viral on Instagram right now? The answer is undeniable: Instagram Reels. These are short videos on a vertical screen for up to 60 seconds. Users can 

  • Record and edit videos and photo clips.
  • Add music, filters, text, and stickers.
  • Use the draw tool, and
  • Share them. 

Always remember to create original and quality content if you want to go viral globally. Also, you can take up the help of Emberify to go viral and enhance your page further.

Travel Influencers on Instagram

Irrespective of how small the place is, going on a trip is always fun and exciting. Those memories always stay with us in the form of videos or photos. Travel influencers, mainly for this purpose, started utilizing Instagram. Another reason travel influencers began to use Instagram is for its various unique features. One such feature that provoked users to explore this platform is Instagram Reels.

Are you traveling to your dream destination? Want to tell the world about it? Thanks to reels, now you can 

  • Take pictures.
  • Shoot landscape and horizontal videos.
  • Use trending sounds, stickers, filters, etc.
  • Collage both photos and videos in a single reel.
  • Save reels and do duets with other creators.
  • Give destination details in the caption.

To know more further on how to utilize the Instagram reels option as a travel influencer, read further.

Ideas to Enhance Your Reel Journey

Let’s start with the very basic usage of Instagram Reels.

There are two options for creating content for reels; you can either film the video using the app or upload the video from your device. Later you can edit that video according to your preferences. The following are some of the ideas to make your Reels journey more enjoyable.

Photo Dump Reels

As the name suggests, a photo dump is a video that has multiple photos collaged into a single video. So, for example, you can compile different destination pictures from the same trip or other trips on a single reel. You can also add music to your video to make it more interesting.

Timelapse Videos

Recording time-lapse videos are the easiest! It is a short video where you record a particular place for a specific time. The final result will reveal the evolution of a series of events. It helps in capturing moments like 

  • Beautiful sunrise and sunsets.
  • The landscape of the places you visit.
  • Waterfalls, sea.
  • Historic monuments. 
  • Traffic on the roads at night or any fast-moving objects.

It would be best if you had a proper stand, like a tripod, to shoot a timelapse video so that the resulting video would not be shaky. Most phone devices today come with inbuilt time-lapse options. You can either use that or shoot a video for 2-3 minutes and increase its speed. The speed can be increased by using any external app.

Informative Videos

An informative video reel will help you maintain a connection between you and the users. Always people start their plan to travel more priorly. So you can pair a destination video with informative information like

  • Recommend places such as hotels along with their price and service details. 
  • Route maps of different popular spots.
  • Affordable places to eat.
  • A detailed video on the culture and tradition of the locals.
  • The whole itinerary of your journey, etc.

Who doesn’t like getting travel plans without spending a single penny? In addition, informative videos will attract more users to share and save your videos. As a travel influencer, it is very vital for you to have traffic for your page. For that, you can use Emberify to keep your page exposed to a large audience.

Before and After Reels Videos

Transition videos are always exciting to watch. Also, shooting before and after videos does not take much time. First, you shoot a video in an ordinary location, for example, your home or anywhere other than the final location. Later you take a video of the final destination. Then combine both videos with minor editing and add an appropriate song to the video. Finally, Upload it! It is that easy.

Wrapping Up

New things to try with Instagram reels are endless. The key to engaging reels is creating content your audiences like to watch. Most importantly, don’t post everything you do while traveling—post-selected but informative videos. Make sure you are making use of all other features of Instagram. Such as hashtags, location tagging, filters, Instagram stories, etc. 

We are excited to watch your reel videos at different travel locations. Tell us in the comments what tricks you follow for your Reels videos to attract users on Instagram.

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