Don’t Know What To Wear to a Bachelorette Party? Here Are 7 Ideas

Don’t Know What To Wear to a Bachelorette Party?

Don’t Know What To Wear to a Bachelorette Party? Here Are 7 Ideas

Don’t Know What To Wear to a Bachelorette Party? Here Are 7 Ideas

Bachelorette parties are all about giving the bride a memorable send-off into matrimonial bliss. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look your best while you give your best friend the night of her dreams.

Naturally, you may already know to pack your favorite pair of women’s thong underwear for seamless lines beneath a body-skimming dress. Yet, you might be stumped on what else you need to bring. Fortunately, you’ll find all the inspiration you need here to plan outfits that highlight your best features. Whether you’re heading to a big city or an all-inclusive resort, you’ll want these essentials in your bags.

1. Kick Off Your Plans With a Sizzling Club Dress

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No matter what your destination may be, you can bet that you’ll probably be doing at least some degree of dancing and clubbing. Approximately 48% of bachelorette party guests expect to visit a club during their festivities. Another 37% plan to at least do a bar crawl.

Wherever your crew plans to dance the night away, a sizzling dress is sure to be the perfect fit. A short sequined dress is sure to catch you in your most flattering light. Or, you could choose to wear hot pink to play up the bachelorette theme. Either way, make sure to try on your dress options with your best waist cinchers to create a beautifully smooth silhouette.

2. Choose a Classic Dress for Dinner

Going all out with flashy styles is a great way to attract attention to your group at the club. But, you might prefer to tone it down for your group’s formal dinner. Taking your favorite bride out for a special meal at an exclusive restaurant is a bachelorette party tradition.

During dinner, the bride might opt to share a few special gifts with the bridal party. Or, you might all spend the evening trading your favorite memories or even roasting the bride. In every scenario, you can bet that the cameras will be flashing.

If the bride or maid of honor hasn’t set a dress code for the event, then this is the perfect time to pull out your favorite little black dress. You could opt for a cocktail dress in a hue that is inspired by the wedding’s color scheme. Sticking with a classic style of dress for this event helps you to ensure that the bride stands out. You’ll also fit into any restaurant the bride chooses.

3. Pack a Set of Yoga or Hiking Clothes

Many bachelorette parties are recently incorporating fitness into the festivities. If your group loves hiking, yoga or Pilates, then why not spend some time enjoying a good workout together?

Squeezing a pair of compression leggings and a sports bra into your suitcase isn’t too hard. Plus, you’ll look extra fab in your bridesmaid dress when you don’t skip your essential workouts.

4. Make a Splash in Slimming Swimwear

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On top of clubbing, going to a beach or lounging by the pool are popular bachelorette party activities. Your crew might decide to kick off the weekend with an evening swim once you all check into the hotel. Or, you could decide to snap some group shoots as you enjoy breakfast on the beach.

Similar to choosing a flattering dress for the club, this is a moment when you’ll want to feel extra confident. Slimming swimwear should not only be comfortable for swimming but can provide essential support to eliminate any self-consciousness.

5. Pair Jeans With a Cute Top for Exploring

Exploring the big city is the perfect time to show off your street styles. Your favorite pair of denim jeans will keep you comfortable while making it easy to look great in crowds. Once you’ve seen the itinerary, you can then pick a top to dress your jeans up or down.

A classic button-up blouse works beautifully for creating a street casual style that will work fine for popping into a local bistro or touring a museum. If you plan to explore the city until it’s time for dinner, then you can also stash a dressier blouse in your day bag. Planning for a quick change is an excellent way to get more use out of your favorite denim wardrobe staple.

6. Remember To Pack Hotel Loungewear

Gone are the days when a bachelorette party only lasted one night. Today, the average bachelorette party attendee is prepared to enjoy at least a two-day event. Considering that many bridal parties are opting for destination celebrations, spending a little extra time together just makes sense.

Keep in mind that an overnight celebration will require packing some loungewear and PJs. You can always throw on a pair of leggings and a crop top for running to the hotel lounge or between your group’s different rooms. Make sure to toss in a nightgown or pajama set that will definitely look cute in impromptu photo shoots.

7. Pick Out a Breezy Brunch Dress

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If you’re spending the night out, then you can bet that you’ll be gathering for a lovely wake-up brunch. Whether your group is more the smoothie or mimosas type, a breezy sundress will blend into any setting. Choosing to wear a dress for your bachelorette brunch makes getting ready in the morning after a late night absolutely effortless.

Get Ready To Exude Confidence in Your Most Flattering Outfit

Finding outfits that complement your best features means that you’ll ooze confidence no matter what’s next on the itinerary. Now, all you have to do is create a packing list that includes all of the dresses, tops and undergarments you need to look as good as you feel while celebrating your friend’s upcoming wedding.


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