How Teenagers Like to Trick Out Their Rides

How Teenagers Like to Trick Out Their Rides

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4 Ways to Elevate the Look and Feel of a Vehicle for Your Teen Driver

As a teenager, there is no greater feeling than owning your first vehicle. It means personal freedom and the ability to go wherever you want when you want. There’s also the bonus of having full control over the soundtrack pumping through the stereo system and the overall look and feel of the vehicle.

So, what do these endless possibilities look like?

It means that you can make customizations and aesthetic upgrades to the vehicle to better reflect the personality of the driver. This doesn’t mean slapping a bunch of bumper stickers on it and calling it good. There are plenty of professional upgrades that will capture the vibe of a teen driver, while also maintaining the resale value of the vehicle. It’s a win-win for both parents and teens.

Let’s dig into this a little deeper by detailing the top four ways to trick out a ride.

#1 – Custom Wheels

Since the very first Fast and the Furious movie came out, younger generations have been obsessed with speedy cars that are tricked out. Everything from the lighting to the pedals and gear shifter has some sort of custom touch that brings personality to the car.

And there is perhaps no customization that makes a bigger statement than custom wheels. Not only do custom wheels allow drivers to go bigger and bolder with their wheel game, they can select wheels that are a different weight or metal type to improve the vehicle’s handling – and thus, safety.

Although custom wheels cost a pretty penny, they are at the top of the wish list for most people for aesthetic upgrades.

#2 – Window Tint  

So, maybe you’re not willing to shell out the cash for custom wheels. The good news is that tinted windows can easily elevate the look of a teen driver’s car on the cheap. Of course, classic black opaque tint is still the go-to option in the tinted window world.

However, don’t sleep on the variants such as carbon window tint, ceramic window tint, and metal-dyed window tint. Each one of these has a look and feel all their own, which is sure to please even the most discerning of drivers.

#3 – Car Vinyl Wraps

Many teen drivers and their parents think car vinyl wraps are too expensive or too much of a hassle to install, but they’d be wrong. In fact, car vinyl wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to give a car some personality without breaking the bank.

You want to add a logo to your car? You got it!

What about an eye-catching pattern that runs from bumper-to-bumper? You can do that, too!

Desperately want a car in a unique color? Vinyl wraps have you covered – literally.

The beauty of vinyl car wraps is that they allow you to elevate your pre-existing paint job to something amazing. Whatever pattern, picture, or logo you can imagine can easily be turned into a vinyl car wrap.

#4 – Ceramic Coating

If it’s one thing that parents and teens can agree on is that they love the look of a brand-new shiny car. However, most teens out there aren’t rolling around in $40,000 new vehicles. More than likely, they’re driving something used for the sake of keeping those insurance premiums down.

Having said that, just because a teen is driving a used car doesn’t mean it has to look like a used car. For those of you out there looking to give a vehicle that showroom floor gloss and shine, ceramic coating is the way to go.

This liquid non-ceramic chemical polymer solution bonds to the vehicle’s exterior, giving it a radiant finish. Additionally, ceramic coating also serves as a shield between your teen’s vehicle and elements such as solvents, acids, UV rays, inclement weather, rust, and corrosion. Not only does ceramic coating look good, but it also maintains the value of the vehicle by helping to protect the paint.

Getting Started with Tricking Out Your Teen’s Ride

Some of these upgrades cost far more than others. Custom wheels, for instance, can run you a few thousand dollars if you go with one of the more premium brands. Ceramic coating costs a pretty penny as well.

A good place to start with tricking out your teen’s ride is with car tinted windows. Window tint installation is by far and away the least expensive of the upgrades that we have mentioned here. It’s also extremely quick and easy to get done. Most installations take only two or three hours to complete. Finding a shop that performs a service should be easy. You can start by searching the phrase “window tint installation near me” or “car window tinting in San Diego.” Always go with a company that has a higher star rating with plenty of positive customer reviews. If other customers are happy with the shop’s work, chances are you will be too.

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