5 Reasons to Travel to Pakistan

Pakistan can be the perfect country to visit if you are looking for a destination that escapes the obvious. This unique place in the Middle East combines beautiful landscapes, tasty food, and rich culture.

The welcoming nature of the people will make a difference in your experience. Whether in the markets or the restaurants, you’ll always find friendly locals with a smile ready to give you the best service.

It can be a life-changing experience if you are open to immersing yourself in Pakistani culture. So here are some reasons why you should travel to Pakistan:

Rich history: from Buddha to Alexander the Great

The country has fantastic historical sites and artifacts. In Taxila, for example, you can find some of the earliest statues of Buddha, along with significant remains of Buddhist monasteries. The Greeks also left their mark on the land with art, utensils, swords, and figures from when Alexander the Great invaded the country around 327 BC. In the 20th century, buildings and clock towers were built as a testament to British rule.

Fantastic traditional food

Pakistani cuisine loves herbs and spices. Every traditional dish is a special recipe passed down through generations to find the perfect taste. It must be seasoned and cooked to perfection, whether lentils or chicken roast. Pakistan is famous for its unique sweets known as ‘Mitha,’ made from local recipes and topped with an assortment of nuts. Strong agriculture provides the basis for the cuisine and helps to preserve traditions.

It’s a country with cultural diversity

Pakistan is very diverse, with culture, traditions, dialect, and palette of food and art varying from province to province. Crossing the country from north to south, east to west, you’ll feel like visiting a different country without leaving the territory. This diversity is what enriches the food recipes, the range of music, and the local literature and dialects.

Many impressive mosques

During the centuries that the Mughals reigned over the subcontinent, they hired the most illustrious artists and architects of the time to create mosques that are still impressive today. The Wazir Khan Mosque and the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore are some of the main attractions you should visit when traveling to Pakistan. The Gol Masjid in Karachi also has delightful architecture, with minarets and exquisite artwork accompanied by flawless calligraphy.

Shopping in the local bazaars

The local bazaars are one of the reasons why you should travel to Pakistan! They offer an authentic Pakistani experience. Market culture is very much alive in Pakistan. And you will find hundreds of markets in every city and district, each with its own unique culture. It’s a true tradition: each shop has an owner who has run the business for decades and can answer any question about his trade. You can find clothes, jewelry, spices, and all sorts of decorative objects in these magical places!

Getting a visa to travel to Pakistan

Before you pack your bags, ensure you have a visa to enter Pakistan. The easiest way to get one is by applying for a [Pakistan eVisa], an electronic visa you can get online. Applying through a visa agency like *iVisa* only takes a few minutes. Complete the form, and you will receive the document via email. It’s safe and 100% government-approved.

Apply now and discover everything Pakistan has to offer!

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