How to make Eyes beautiful

Eyes are undoubtedly one of the most significant blessings in life. They enable us to see everything the world has to offer, and also act as the door to our hearts. We are able to convey our emotions and feelings thoroughly only because we have eyes. Therefore, it’s important that we pay utmost attention to the health and beauty of our eyes. There are a lot of factors which can affect the overall well-being and sparkle of our eyes, some of which  include pollution, high altitudes, excessive usage of screens and etc. Here we will go through a few ways to make our eyes beautiful and healthy.


In dry climates, high places, and polluted areas, eyes are bound to get irritated, red and scratchy. To prevent that it is recommend to keep the eyes and the skin around the eyes hydrated, since human skin is nearly two thirds water. When exposed to dryness, moisture retention lessens which leads to irritated eyes. Drinking plenty of water, nearly 8-10 glasses per day, and using eye drops can help with that. Also, using a good moisture or eye cream around the skin of the eye can help maintaining moisture. Applying cold compress, or cotton pad dipped in cold water for a few minutes in a day is also a good way to keep eyes hydrated.

Resting eyes:

With the inventions of high tech gadgets like computers and  smart phones and the fact that most of the world revolves around them, their usage has become inevitable to life and the more the smart phones are used, the more strained are the eyes. Similarly, the UV rays from the sun are also deemed harmful to the eyes. It’s  very important that eyes are given a proper rest in these situations. Getting good sleep of around 7-8 hours during the night time helps the eyes rest and makes them fresh. Also, if you are someone who is exposed to screens all day  due to work, leaving the screens and closing your eyes or taking a walk for a few minutes can rest the eyes. Things like putting cucumber slices or using rose water, have a soothing effect on the eyes as well, and they also make eyes look more beautiful by giving them a fresh look. If you’re going out in the sun, especially during the summers, it is recommended to wear sunglasses so the eyes are protected against the harmful UV rays.

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Good diet:

Eating a good, healthy diet is important for our overall health, but it is as important for the eyes as the rest of the body. Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to promote good eye health which are abundantly present in different type of fish like salmon and dry fruits like walnuts. Vitamin A is an important vitamin for good eyesight as well. Carrots and green leafy vegetables contain a good amount of Vitamin A, as good eyesight is undeniably a huge blessing.


To enhance the beauty of the eyes, makeup plays a crucial role, especially for women and people with smaller eyes, who are are concerned and want to make them seem bigger. Using eyeliner correctly is a skill which can change the overall look of the eye. For example, using the light colored eyeliner makes the eyes more reflective towards light making them seem bigger. Similarly, using the correct concealer under the eyes helps with dark circles and puffiness. Eye shadows are also important to make eyes look more charming and beautiful according to the occasion. Going with subtle tones in normal days, and using bold eye shadows during parties and events can have a significant effect on your overall look, giving eyes a dazzling personality.

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