Things you need to look in bike helmet before buying

Things you need to look in bike helmet before buying

Here’s our selection of the best road cycling helmets currently available for 2021. We’ve made sure to include choices for a wide range of budgets, from entry-level helmets right the way through to top-end options for racers.

For most, fit, ventilation and comfort matter over all else. All of the helmets listed here are tested to stringent safety standards, and ensuring that a helmet fits well will also ensure it can do its job keeping you safe in the event of a crash.

What to look for when buying a road bike helmet

System adjustment and maintenance

Above all, in the event of a fall, the helmet must be placed on the head for it to be effective. Like shoes, helmets from different brands are all designed to fit different forms of grip, so it is important to try them on before you buy.

Most helmets use a dial-based retention system (such as Giro’s Roc Loc 5 system or Kask’s OctoFit system) to adjust the fit, but the range of vertical adjustment (i.e. the height of the rear adjustment bracket in your head). It’s also different (whether low or low), so be careful here too.

The adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps are also very important. For maximum effect, you should wear straps to properly fit your chin.


Most helmet bikes are primarily made from polystyrene foam (EPS). The frame is then covered to varying degrees with a tough polycarbonate shell (possibly a small amount of carbon fiber) to increase strength and protect the EPS foam from accidental collisions and scratches.

This basic design has been in place for decades, but other manufacturing techniques and materials, such as 3D printed polyamide 11 and other “unique polymer materials,” are starting to filter through.

Unsurprisingly, manufacturers claim these designs are superior to traditional bicycle helmets, but it’s still not clear if these benefits will actually be realized.

Safety devices

I won’t comment on the overall effectiveness of general helmets, but all helmets sold in the EU either comply with European standard EN 1078 (and therefore CE marked) or CPSC in the US. Must be certified. ..

All of the helmets on this list should do that, if not more, and somehow protect them from bumps or scratches if they fall off the bike while riding.

Recently, additional safety technologies such as rotating coatings (such as MIPS) and Bontrager’s unique WaveCel material have increased dramatically. These innovations are believed to improve protection against head and brain injuries by reducing rotational forces or simply by using materials capable of absorbing certain shocks.

There are many independent safety tests for bicycle helmets, but it is clearly difficult to test them outside of the lab where many variables work. After all, these extra safety features are almost certainly worth using, but they tend to have higher prices for helmets.


Ventilation is important, especially for fast road trips in hot weather. A well-designed system of vents and channels in the internal structure of the helmet helps to suck in air and remove heat.

Obviously, the hole in the helmet for better ventilation can reduce weight and in some cases increase stability. Therefore, to compensate for this, well ventilated helmets often require more external reinforcement or are constructed with more expensive materials to ensure they meet safety and durability standards.


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