Summer 2021 Ideas

6 Fashionable Summer 2021 Ideas For Men

With restrictions being lifted, it’s time to think about giving your summer wardrobes a fashionable refresh. So, what’s new, what’s hot and what are the must-haves for 2021?

Shapes this year look to be varied and interesting, with patterns being back with a bang for another year. To be ahead of the curve, make sure you’re thinking about the following:

1. Invest in understated underwear

What’s the point in going all-out with your outerwear if the foundations of your outfits are naff and outdated? Forget loud underwear and instead, focus on a simpler and more sleek profile. Multipacks of trunk-fit boxers will give you the smooth lines that work best under some of this season’s slimmer bottoms and trusted retailers such as MandM always seem to have great deals on neutral-coloured bundles. That beats hunting around on eBay and designer sites for the right sizes and colours individually.

Now, with your base layer sorted, you can start pulling together some of the key looks for this season.

2. Try a little nautical chic

We’re not sure that the nautical aesthetic ever really goes out of style but it is huge in 2021. From classic bretons to light chinos, there are plenty of recognisable tropes coming back around but with some bold new additions, as demonstrated by the big design houses. Keep your eyes peeled for large, bold prints with anchors, ships wheels and nautical stars, as these are the statement pieces that define 2021’s take on the look. You’ll find that the bretons are more exaggerated too, either with larger stripes or more boxy shapes.

3. Up your practicality with utility heaven

Cargo pant fans rejoice as your practical favourite is back in style! Once the butt of many fashionista jokes, cargo pants, with their multiple pockets and coordinated jackets are now being given a high fashion twist that brings a little 1970s David Attenborough, some 90s Britpop and birdwatching chic all together in one stylish and pocket-filled bundle. Look for pattern matched co-ords, especially in terms of shackets and long shorts, then add loafers for the perfect finishing touch.

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4. Keep it simple with a trench

Though bomber jackets are making waves again this year, trench coats are one of those must-have items that simply never go out of style, as long as you invest in a quality piece. Forget high street for a moment here, as the only trench worth having and keeping hold of is a classic Burberry, though they do update the look each year with a few subtle tweaks. You don’t need to swap out your coat every year though, as a Burberry trench will last you a lifetime if you follow a few simple rules.

Firstly, always choose a neutral colour. The classic beige or a cool navy are really the only viable options. Anything else will be a limited release fashion colour and won’t age as well. Second, always have your trench dry cleaned professionally. Lastly, buy a trench that you know can fit warm layers underneath. Think of a trench as the ultimate overcoat, the finishing touch to an ensemble, rather than a warm jacket.

5. Bring on the bermudas

If you’re raising an eyebrow in surprise, you’re not alone. But it’s true: bermuda shorts are back, trendy and more outlandish than ever before. What’s more, men and women are snapping them up. A lot of us will remember the days of neon knee-lengths with dazzling patterns and seemingly little concern for style, but here they are again although this time, they are tailored.

Look for shorts that just hit the knee and have a distinctive form, either with a bold pop of colour or an unavoidable pattern. Geometrics are big news right now and we are seeing a lot of lilac filtering into mainstream lines but don’t be afraid to mix and match two trends in one. What about some tailored cargo bermudas? Oh and wear them with tube socks and box-fresh sneakers for the real street-meets-beach luxe vibe.

6. Be a neon dream

Finally, though neon shades aren’t the easiest to pull off, they are hugely fashionable for spring and summer this year, so you might as well have a try! Think full hi-vis and you’ll be on the right track, with Day-Glo yellows, greens and oranges being the most popular hues right now. If you can’t bring yourself to try a head-to-toe look, start simple with a pair of neon trainers or some simple accessories, like the all-important bucket hat. From there, you can work your way up to something more outlandish.

2021 looks set to be an incredible year for over the top fashion, so start planning your looks for when lockdown lifts, now!

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