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Online Slots Sites Controversies

Release of online slots has been expedited tremendously to keep up with the demand for fresh content worldwide. Online casino sites including Slotzo are required to abide by the legal nitty-gritty to stay in business.

Still, with all these legal barriers set up, some scammers manage to release illegal slot games into the mainstream and cost the players big time.

Some scammers copy the more famous slots with built-in bugs, while others come up with completely original ideas to raise controversies. As shocking as it might sound, some big names in this industry also end up being controversial just for choosing the wrong concept for their online slots.

Hence, we highlight here a few major controversies that came from some of the most-awaited online slots and their long-term impact.

GTA Online Casino Controversy

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has topped the video game charts for decades now with its unconventional and rebellious theme of gameplay. This game has always been about breaking the rules and going with what your heart desires. Following the gambling feature introduced in one of the latest instalments of GTA, this game made a big entry as a coveted online slot in the online casino world as well.

The twist in the gambling feature of GTA was that players were given the impression of playing the gambling feature for free, although they experienced spending real money in the game alongside. Soon, this slot was made online and available for the players from every age group. This step raised many questions as this slot was way too advanced for children to get their hands on.

Dark Knight Controversy

This online slot based on the popular Batman movie franchise was a big hit even before it got released. People were anticipating some exceptional gameplay from this slot, and they got it as well. It offered one of the biggest payouts as jackpots, which served as a cherry on top. But the developers found it hard to continue, and soon, the jackpot was discontinued for good.

The bigger issue that struck this online slot was the licensing lawsuit started against them by the actual Batman movie. It cost the developers a lot and forced them to shut the project completely.

Space Diggers Controversy

This online slot was introduced by Playtech as another one of their futuristic creations. But despite being backed up by a strong developer reputation, the Space Diggers slot didn’t receive a warm welcome by the industry.

They introduced a Game Modifier feature in this slot which made it easy to tweak the RTP of the entire slot. Initially, it was looked at as being innovative, but soon, it was eyed down as a trick of the casino to keep the RTP of the slot hidden, making the controversy bigger than ever.

These three controversies highlight just the face of the long list of online slot sites controversies that emerged in 2020. There are more of such nuisances emerging every day, but ultimately, the slots industry always manages to find its original glory somehow.

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