Luck” and Its Lessons

Luck and Its Lessons

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“Luck” is a new movie produced by Skydance that has many people talking. It tells the story of a young woman named Sam who has recently left an orphanage to live on her own. In an attempt to help a friend who is still at the orphanage, Sam goes on an adventure that she never would have dreamed of.

No Shortcuts

One of the most important lessons that Sam learns is that there are no shortcuts in life. From the beginning of the story, Sam hopes to get her hands on something that can help her and those close to her. Sam believes that she finally has such an item when she comes across a lucky coin and starts noticing her life improving, but she soon realizes that this coin is not the answer to her problems. It’s important for kids to understand that there is no clear-cut solution to life’s challenges. Resolutions often come from a combination of effort, chance, and understanding.


“Luck” can teach kids that sometimes bad situations can bring about good things. Sam develops new skills, makes new friends, and learns more about herself due to her unfortunate circumstances. She learns to find a silver lining despite how rough her life tends to get. It’s important for kids to find positive aspects in bad situations so that they can think objectively without throwing in the towel. Kids can look at how hard Sam’s life is at the beginning of the movie and how she eventually overcomes her problems.


When they’re younger, kids often assume that they’re being punished when bad things happen. They’ll naturally wonder why they can no longer see someone they love, why they wake up not feeling well, or why people around them seem to be upset. Some kids will get angry at how unfair the “punishment” is, while others will think that they really did something shameful. This is where lessons about chance are fundamental. “Luck” highlights the fact that accidents happen and things go wrong, but there are times when it isn’t anyone’s fault. Sam often thinks that she is to blame for her misfortunes, but it becomes apparent that this isn’t always the case. When kids come to grips with chance and luck, they can learn to accept the things that they can’t control.

The movie Luck has a game that underscores the importance of chance just as well as the movie does. The board game does require skill and strategy, but players have to be lucky enough to have the right cards available to them. This game can teach kids that some people can have a good chance at succeeding and blow it, while others might be dealt a bad hand and still find a way to win. It’s very helpful for kids to understand this from an early age.

“Luck” can teach kids many valuable lessons about life. While the premise might seem sad, the film takes a light-hearted approach to bad events and shows kids that sometimes a new perspective can make things better.

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