How to spend time during a pandemic

How to spend time during a pandemic

Until recently, we were used to having a daily routine that included certain obligations with work or studies, as well as social commitments with family and friends. The pandemic completely changed our daily lives and forced us to stop everything for a moment. Despite the fact that many of us continue with our work or studies remotely, thanks to the facilities offered by technological tools, more than once we have had too much free time with which we do not know what to do. In this blog, we will give you some tips about How to spend time during a pandemic.

Quarantine can become a great opportunity to take advantage of free time and dedicate ourselves to doing some productive things. How long have you been waiting for the perfect moment to return to those pending projects at home, or to relax and take some time for yourself? This is the perfect time.

Therefore, today we propose some activities that you can do at home to take advantage of all this free time that you have left:

Learn something new

This is one of the best alternatives to invest all this free time. Take advantage of all the information that you can find on the internet and research about the topics that you are passionate about, you can also learn a new skill, or specialize in a subject of interest by taking an online course.


If the quarantine prevents you from exercising as you were used to, do not stop doing it and continue with your routines at home. On the other hand, if it wasn’t something you did frequently, we encourage you to take this time to get started. Staying active will help you cope with this period of confinement in the best way, and it is a healthy way to spend your time.

Resume or start that project that you had left aside

The time to start is now! We all have unfinished business to solve at home, or projects that we have always wanted to start: fixing that ledge that fell, starting a vegetable garden in our garden, painting the walls or moving the furniture. Now that you have time, plan these actions and take the opportunity to carry them out with the help of your family.

Read that book that you wanted so much but didn’t have time

Has it been a long time since you bought that book that caught your attention and you still have it on your nightstand without starting it? Take advantage of these free times that quarantine gives us and start reading it, it will surely be the beginning to resume this important and enriching habit.

Share time with your family

Sometimes work or studies absorb almost all of our time and it is very difficult for us to find the balance to share with our loved ones. Confinement time is an excellent opportunity to spend more time with our family. Cooking together, doing a craft with the children, playing board games, watching a movie together or having a sleepover in the living room are some interesting ideas to reconnect with these important people.


All daily activities and our commitments to others consume our time so much that many times we forget to have a space for ourselves. Use this free time to connect with yourself, take a hot bath, rest, allocate a time of the day or your week in which you can dedicate yourself to doing what you like. It’s never good to put aside our own needs, so this is the perfect time to pamper yourself a bit.

Follow these simple tips on How to spend time during a pandemic and remember that you can get more out of your days if the day before you plan your activities and check the pending, in this way you can organize yourself better and make the most of your time to achieve a balance between your daily responsibilities and what you do. like to do either alone or with your family.

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