The Amazing Benefits of a Custom Deck

The Amazing Benefits of a Custom Deck

Thinking of building a custom Deck? If you are still not convinced and you do not know what the advantages are, at  Habitual  we want to tell you The Amazing Benefits of a Custom Deck.

The fact of Customizing a Deck will have an impact on the budget and the final price of it. However, also in selected materials and finishes. In this sense, you can invest your money in what really interests you.

On the other hand, if you want to acquire a personalized home through a cooperative, you can save money on taxes and on the total project , an approximate of 15% / 20%, since the developer’s profit margin is suppressed.

However, this formula for home buying and customizing has some downsides. Usually delivery times tend to be longer, and you need money to make payments in advance to cover the purchase of materials.

In addition, changes in personalized homes, both promoters and cooperatives, cannot be made at any time . This is due to the fact that there is a limitation in the time to personalize a house, before finishing the structure of the work the rest of the elements must be perfectly defined . This is why decision making must be quite fast.

The good thing is that thanks to virtual reality and 3D technology, it is possible to see how the proposed modifications would be in the house without having to wait for it to be built. This increases the customization possibilities, simplifies decision-making and offers the possibility that the results obtained are more adjusted to our needs.

Benefits of a Custom Deck

Here are some benefits of a custom deck:


New house, new life. There is nothing better than  building a custom Deck from the ground up  since you have the opportunity to decide every detail of it. From the distribution of spaces, the orientation of the kitchen, to design details such as coatings.


On the other hand, you can design with the help of an architect who will advise you so that the result is  a house designed to suit your requirements . Thought of your lifestyle, as well as that of your family.


Another benefit is that the construction of  a new Deck costs on average between 15 and 20% less  if we compare it with a house of the same characteristics in the real estate market.

And another added bonus is that you could use that money on better quality finishes in your new home. So you end up acquiring a property of higher commercial value.


Building a custom home is probably something you will do only once, so designing and building everything to suit you will result in  no need to invest in remodeling or extensions , at least not for a long time.


And this is an aspect that can vary, but generally before building your dream house you will spend a good time choosing the  perfect land.

You can then choose how much privacy your home will have and how close you want to be from your closest neighbor.

What are the changes that custom Deck support?

Change tiles

Another benefit that custom homes offer is the option to change tile sizes and patterns. Also, you can modify the substitution of flooring for parquet, wood flooring or porcelain floors.

False ceilings

Another interesting option is that you can choose to place false ceilings . They can be lower than usual, and are very useful to cover installations or to place recessed lights.

The distribution Walls

In custom homes you can move, create or remove interior partitions. Of course, as long as construction elements such as columns, load-bearing walls, beams, among others, are not affected.


It is also possible to add, move or delete doors, in addition, you can change their opening direction. If you have the necessary space, you can also install sliding doors, it all depends on your preferences.

Kitchen sockets and mechanisms

On the other hand, you can decide where the different elements of the kitchen will be placed , for example the sink, appliances, among others. Also, the plugs, switches or internet outlets throughout the house.


Also, you have the possibility of eliminating, enlarging or even creating new built-in closets in the house, as long as you have the necessary space.

Air conditioning systems

This type of housing will give you the possibility to choose the air conditioning system that best suits your interests among the various options proposed by the developer. Sometimes it is advisable to opt for individual systems and, in others, it is more convenient to bet on collective systems.

Improve finishes

This is a great advantage that custom homes offer. The option to improve finishes and select better quality materials. This will make your future home have an aesthetic much more linked to your tastes.


In the bathroom you can select the taps for sinks and showers, enlarge the bathtub or even place a shower integrated with the floor. These are just some of the finishing options that custom homes give you that can significantly influence your daily well-being.

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