Best hair transplant clinics in London

Best hair transplant clinics in London

The hair transplant is a surgical procedure simple, outpatient, which does not pose health risks. Its results are excellent, because it manages to overcome hair loss permanently. However, all this is possible only if you choose the best hair transplant clinics in London . As health care centers to have hair transplant surgery . Good service is found in prestigious and recognized places.

The hair transplant is a procedure that requires specific care for the benefits. So it is essential to attend the best hair clinic . Where you work under the mandatory hygiene protocols. With state-of-the-art technology, and a trained staff with extensive experience. Guaranteed each of the required attentions. So, when choosing a hair clinic in London , you have to make sure it is the best.

Why is hair loss?

All people have a hair growth cycle, where hair loss is normal. It is part of the organic functions. Up to 100 hair strands can be lost a day, which are replaced by new ones. However, it begins to be considered that someone is losing hair when the loss of the hair strands is exaggerated. In other words, the number of strands lost is much greater than the number of new ones that are growing.

Hair loss can occur for various reasons. That encompass genetic, hormonal or physiological problems. Even hair loss can be a symptom of the development of a serious disease. It can also happen from the consumption of some drugs. In these last two cases, it is easily overcome by eradicating the cause that produced it. Being genetic and hormonal problems the most recurrent factors in cases of permanent baldness.

Common baldness is the product of a genetic predisposition to be affected by hormonal action. Where the follicular unit atrophies, to the point that it stops producing hairs. This type of hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, is typical of bald men. But it can be developed by many women.

At what age is it advisable to perform a hair transplant?

Hair surgery has no age limits. So a hair graft can be done at any age. Whenever you suffer from a pattern of baldness that can be resolved through the implant of hair. It will be a trichology’s surgeon who determines if it is convenient to proceed with the surgical intervention. Therefore, a diagnosis in a good hair clinic is mandatory. Where the person has the guarantee that he is receiving the appropriate attention.

It is important to know that when the patient is very young, the surgeon prefers to wait for the evolution of the alopecia. Before applying the hair graft. This with the purpose of having a better perspective on the characteristics of the baldness to be treated. Thus, later the hair implant is made, according to the needs presented by the person.

What should a good hair clinic have?

A good hair clinic must meet three basic principles. That they certify it as an authorized center to offer aesthetic services, in relation to hair. They have to do with hygiene, personnel, and the technology that is used. Which should be this way:

  • Hygiene and health : a good hair clinic must comply with the hygiene and health regulations required in hospitals. In all its facilities, with an emphasis on the area of ​​surgery. Where the patient requires maximum aseptic conditions, to be protected from infectious conditions.
  • Medical staff : The professionals who provide services in a good hair clinic must be certified specialists. In the different areas where they work. Graduates to carry out their work, thanks to their credentials, obtained from their studies. In addition, they must be distinguished by their poise and friendliness towards patients.
  • The technology applied : hair grafting is a procedure that is constantly evolving. With the purpose of offering the best clinical options to people. For this reason, a good hair clinic is recognized by having, in its services, the most innovative and least invasive methods. At a price consistent with the hair aesthetics market.

When is it necessary to perform a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is necessary when the person is diagnosed with some type of irreversible alopecia. That is, if your hair has been permanently lost. Provided that the cause, which produced the baldness, does not affect the results of the graft. It is mandatory to attend a consultation in a hair clinic. So that it is a trichologist surgeon who establishes if the application of the hair implant is appropriate.

Androgenic alopecia, known as common baldness, can be completely overcome through hair transplantation. Which is the best alternative in these cases. While alopecia areata, when it causes total hair loss, should not be treated with hair surgeries. Because the results obtained are lost. Through an autoimmune response of the body, which destroys all hair follicles.

The most advisable thing is that the person is evaluated by a doctor specialized in hair care. This is how it is verified if the baldness is permanent, and if it can be overcome with the hair transplant.

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in London

When looking for a center to perform a hair transplant it is recommended to see the ranking of hair clinics in London . There you will find information about the most recognized sites. Where quality services are offered, with the guarantee of obtaining great results. Here are the top 5 hair transplant clinics in London:

1. Capilclinic

Capilclinic is positioned as the best hair clinic in London. Because it is the place where the most prestigious professionals meet, who work with high technology. In addition, the best packages, aimed at the well-being and convenience of the patient. At Capilclinic the most innovative and least invasive methods are applied for hair surgery. Highlighting the FUE Sapphire technique, the MIN TIME FUE, and the DHI implant. Having more than 4,000 satisfied customers.

2. Ziering Medical

Ziering Medical is the hair clinic of Dr. Craig Ziering. It offers a variety of surgical treatments, personalized for each patient. The Ziering Medical team is positioned as one of the best in the field of hair restoration.

3. Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group ranks three in this top. Widely recognized in hair surgery. Its team of specialists has more than 30 years of experience in the field of hair restoration.

4. Farjo Hair Institute

Farjo Hair Institute is a highly prestigious hair clinic in the world. His team of surgeons has an important recognition in the area of ​​hair transplant surgery. His medical practices are distinguished by combining surgery with scientific research.

5. Be Cosmetic Clinics

Be Cosmetic Clinics is an aesthetic clinic that applies hair graft surgery under the most innovative procedures. His group of specialists is highly respected in the area of ​​hair transplantation. The best services are offered there, with the FUE method and with the FUT. According to the needs of each patient.

Frequently asked questions about hair transplantation

There are many questions that people ask when they consider having a hair transplant. Despite being a very simple surgery, and safe for health, the hair implant always generates concerns. Especially because of the lack of knowledge.

It is necessary to inform yourself. Thus, the benefits of hair grafting are obtained, with the certainty that it is the best alternative. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplantation, which will help to clarify the doubts:

What are follicular units?

Follicular units are groups or groups of hairs. Each unit can contain from one to four hair strands. That is, the capillary unit is the structure where the hair strands are located. When the hair transplant is performed, the surgeon extracts complete units and then grafts them. It is what allows the hairs to grow normally in the implantation area.

How many hair transplant techniques are there?

The hair transplant can be done from several modalities. But fundamentally there are two techniques, which are the most used. These are the FUT or FUSS method and the FUE method. The first is the traditional one. It consists of cutting a strip of the scalp to place it in the space where baldness occurs. The second is more innovative. Through which capillary units are extracted and implanted without making incisions in the skin.

Can there be complications during surgery?

Hair transplantation is a very safe cosmetic surgery. That it does not induce any type of risks or dangers to health. As long as it is performed in a good clinic, recognized for its quality of service. It is very likely that the patient will be affected by the surgery if he is a victim of malpractice. In a place of doubtful certification.

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