10 Tips to Write Engagingly for Bulk SMS Marketing

10 Tips to Write Engagingly for Bulk SMS Marketing

Some people take for granted that SMS is a thing of the past. Do you also belong to that section of the population? Far from reality, there are many sectors that can benefit from these tools. Specifically, bulk SMS marketing messages for every sector are a key piece. Most of the communication offices continue to use it in their marketing strategies. In this blog, we will give you Tips to Write Engagingly for Bulk SMS Marketing.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the most used communication medium today is the mobile phone, with which the  positioning of SMS or WhatsApp text messages as a means of communication continues to rise thanks to the fulfillment of reach needs, scalability and speed required by all companies that carry out marketing campaigns, collections or notifications in general. 

The scope and opening rate of SMS and other text messages such as WhatsApp is largely due to its 160 characters in length and the text itself. By designing a clear, concrete and attractive message, we will be encouraging the user to read the message and continue in communication. To design a successful text message, we recommend following the advice of the experts, which we give below.

10 Tips to Write Engagingly for Bulk SMS Marketing

1. Attractive titles and headings

Starting with a call to action creates a sense of urgency, an impulse that encourages customers to take advantage of an offer . Verbs at the beginning of the sentence generate greater expectation and are difficult to ignore. 

 Another way to create impactful posts is by writing in the style of newspaper headlines, which precisely appeal to readers’ interest, excitement, or curiosity. Descriptive verbs and adjectives are often used in headlines that generate an image with as few words as possible, excluding unnecessary articles and pronouns.

2. Creativity

Creativity and humor generate empathy. It is important to use them in the messages that are sent and in the brand’s slogan. A repetitive text will create, after a few deliveries, an attitude of indifference among the subscribers.

3. Write correctly

Writing professionally will create an excellent impression on clients or potential clients. Using short sentences, whole words, and direct style using the Subject + Verb + Predicate formula   will make receiving the message a pleasant experience. Make sure that the text does not have spelling mistakes, symbols or abbreviations that denote informality.

4. One message at a time

If only one message is sent at a time, the characteristics of an SMS are taken full advantage of , not only are the available resources being maximized to transmit what we want, but we avoid confusing subscribers with multiple messages. If there are several ideas that we want to transmit, the recommendation is to use several messages, throughout different hours or days. 

5. Keywords

Using keywords that interest your target audience is a great way to leverage communication. Keywords must be closely linked to the content that is being offered. Avoid using a keyword phrase that has more than one word, as one word will detract from the other and your message will lose impact.

6. Be brief

Using concise messages is often a good strategy to attract attention and find more creative and direct forms of expression. Reading the same message over and over before sending it will identify those words that can be suppressed.

7. Valuable content

Offering an immediate benefit to the recipients of an SMS or WhatsApp message through quality content and of their interest is necessary to obtain success in a marketing campaign or a collection strategy. It is preferable not to send anything to take the risk that our subscribers are upset and unsubscribe for a message without content or irrelevant. 

Some of the most appreciated content are information about events and transactions, appointment or payment reminders, discount coupons and promotions.

8. Personalization

An unpersonalized message is usually less effective than one where the first name of our client or potential client is included. Since the text message is such a direct form of communication , taking advantage of this feature will make the message appeal directly to the recipient, even when it is massive.

9. Easy to remember codes

Sending easy-to-remember codes will create a better impact. Customers will feel that your offer is sincere and that you want to make things easier for them. A code like VIDA08 is much more “redeemable” and friendly than one like JKL567mp.

It is important that in any marketing strategy, especially mobile-directed strategies such as SMS or WhatsApp, the redemption of a promotion is done quickly and without complications. If we ask customers to jump rope and juggle for a 10% discount, they will immediately decline.

10. Interaction

One of the greatest benefits that a brand can obtain is feedback from its customers. Encouraging them to communicate their doubts, concerns or requests in exchange for a raffle or coupon, is another way to make the most of a massive SMS campaign  and its rebound via WhatsApp. The information that customers can communicate will be of great value to the campaign itself and new strategies.


An important recommendation is to observe the time and day when customers are usually most receptive to text messages. Every business is different, but most people are more inclined to act on SMS marketing in the afternoon. Send your messages on different days, with alternative times and analyze how your conversions are skyrocketing.

Determining what works best for our clients and our brand will save us time and money. By putting these tips into practice, you can take advantage of the virtues of SMS  and WhatsApp  and have an effective and successful campaign.

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