Which retail logos convey brand values the best?

If you’re one of the half a million new business start-ups and are looking for brand inspiration, then why not learn from the best as a recent poll has revealed the UK’s most iconic logos. And what’s more, we’re not just talking pretty pictures as the same survey found that nearly three-quarters of our spending […]

Why you should keep your eyes peeled for new cryptocurrencies

Why you should keep your eyes peeled for new cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in the last decade, with a range of coins dominating the world market and grasping the attention of a plethora of investors and business people. When crypto began, Bitcoin led the way, closely followed by second generation coins […]

Jonny Newman is the CEO that everyone is talking about

Many cryptocurrency trading platforms across the globe have a range of positive and negative elements to their organizational structure. One major element that stands out as missing with a lot of current companies in the trading platform space is a full transparency between the customers and those at the top of the organization. This is […]

Introducing new cryptocurrency trading platform KoinHeim

Introducing new cryptocurrency trading platform KoinHeim The cryptocurrency market can be a daunting space for many people, whether they are financially-minded or not. The newness of the industry means that for many, they are walking a path seldom trodden by investors, and this can be a barrier to entry. Further to this, the platforms through […]

KoinHeim a place for traders

KoinHeim a place for traders You can Buy, Sell and Trade online, securely from home. You don’t have to worry about the typical non-sense associated with trading cryptocurrency, you can come in and trade physically from our secure locations. Deposit Cash, Withdraw Cash from one of our many KoinHem Handlemarkt locations, springing up all over […]

Cryptocurrency Backed by Rent Futures

Cryptocurrency Backed by Rent Futures While you cannot use cryptocurrency to buy a meal at many eateries,  you can now use it to pay your rent. Many rental property owners around the world are embracing cryptocurrencies by accepting them as rent payments. Jonny Newman, the founder of Following Doors, proposes a new way for landlords […]

Everything you need to know about decal printing

Everything you need to know about decal printing The word decal refers to a design prepared on a special paper that is made to transfer it to another object like glass or porcelain. The material used can be plastic, paper or vinyl. It can also be applied to an extensive range of materials like glass, […]

Telemedicine App Development: How to Build a Doctor On Demand App

With the help of new technologies, we can get a lot of things on one single demand. This is from ordering food to demanding a doctor. Everything has become possible. Ordering food online has been around for decades now, but on-demand doctor service has just begun. The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way industries worked […]

Healthcare App Development: Top Trends, Features & Types

Technology is helping different industries move forward. For the healthcare industry, technology has proven to be a helpful solution in many ways. These healthcare software applications are the best way to communicate with patients virtually. With the help of healthcare application development, it is possible to guide hundreds of patients in the right direction. Software […]