Cryptocurrency Backed by Rent Futures

Cryptocurrency Backed by Rent Futures

Cryptocurrency Backed by Rent Futures

While you cannot use cryptocurrency to buy a meal at many eateries,  you can now use it to pay your rent. Many rental property owners around the world are embracing cryptocurrencies by accepting them as rent payments. Jonny Newman, the founder of Following Doors, proposes a new way for landlords and tenants to pay their rents in cryptocurrencies. Jonny Newman has always adapted to the needs of his community.

FollowingDoors creates a link between the world of cryptocurrencies and the rental business by allowing cryptocurrency rental payments, which has historically been sluggish to accept new technologies. This is renting without borders for people who imagine a world with entirely decentralized financial systems by using the platform KOINHEIM, to exchange cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency or even cash!

Have you ever heard of cryptocurrencies before?  Well just so I know you know…

A Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.  Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on block chain technology.  Which is a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.

How it Works

When renters receive a payment request, they have two options: pay directly through KOINHEIM or scan a QR code carrying the address of a unique payment request and pay with their preferred cryptocurrency wallet. When a tenant pays in Cryptocurrency, the funds get transferred into the landlord’s bank account. Landlords may now appeal to a more extensive range of possible tenants thanks to this new feature.

The Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency development is still in its early phases. Many sectors are unsure of the extent to which it will have an influence. For real estate investors, crypto has already opened up new avenues for property acquisition and selling. Only time will tell if cryptocurrency as we know it is the rent collection system of the future or if it is the forerunner to something bigger.

When Jonny Newman was asked what his mission and vision for the future was. 

He replied, “Our mission is strictly to achieve organic business development through unbound international trade and business, driven by empirical data and research.

We are committed to developing a systemic business model to help communities thrive in global business.  We are focused on creating sustainable economic ecosystems filled with opportunity and growth, aimed to service the local community, while working with the global community simultaneously.

Our Vision is to ensure we promote the global opportunity and mobility for businesses.  We aim to dominate all over the world by helping with the development of the future.  Our Organization and Club also has a plan to establish a strong customer base, which can set us in high place among our competitors.  Our long term goal cut across creating value for our customers is that we have put adequate strategies in place that will create the brand we aim to achieve in the mind of our customers.  To create a Cryptocurrency circular economy that includes remittances, tourism, public service and growth for small business.”   The future is now, the future is Jonny Newman.

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