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Best T-shirt Printing Methods for Small Businesses

T-shirts have long evolved from clothing items to excellent tools people use to express themselves. Many use this clothing to feature witty statements or pop culture references. That’s why launching a t-shirt printing business today is still considered a shrewd decision, thanks to a market that continues to grow by millions globally.

Suppose you’re interested in joining the booming t-shirt printing industry. If that’s the case, it’s important to remember that your designs won’t work with the wrong printing method. Give this guide a quick read for the essential pros and cons of various printing methods for your t-shirt business.

Screen Printing

Considered the most famous and among the oldest printing methods, screen or silk screen printing is perfect for mass-producing customized t-shirts. It’s a reliable method that provides accurate copies of the original design in good quality. The prints are also durable and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Unfortunately, screen printing may not be suitable for more complicated designs, though it can handle multiple colours. It’s also not the best option for printing in small quantities, considering the required effort to set up the tools and materials needed.

That’s why manufacturers prefer orders in large numbers or in bulk. They usually lower the prices for these orders since it’s more cost-efficient than printing one or five t-shirts.


A newcomer in the t-shirt printing industry, Direct-to-garment (DTG) offers a more straightforward approach to the t-shirt printing process. It comes with quick preparation and turnaround time. It can also print more complex designs with vibrant and popping details of excellent quality.

DTG printers vary in size, and you can get one the size of a regular desktop printer that also produces quality output. They’re perfect if you want to handle your own printing at home. They may have a high-cost upfront, but they can supply you with awesome t-shirt prints for many years. So, think of buying a DTG printer as a long-term investment.

Unfortunately, although the finish is soft and of good quality, it might be less durable than other t-shirt printing methods. Plus, the thin ink may not work on darker shirts.

Heat Press Printing

This printing method offers a more economical option and caters to smaller quantities of t-shirts. Heat press printing is perfect for those who want to experiment with various designs and manage their own printing needs. It’s ideal for replicating complicated designs with excellent final results that feel soft, vivid, and durable. However, the final output may not work well on darker shirts and those sensitive to high heat.

Heat press printing may take longer to finish. However, a little extra time can’t hurt with such a cheap printing cost. This is especially true if you’re setting up shop in the comfort of your home. Plus, you won’t have to deal with overstocking your inventory.

Launch Your T-Shirt Business With the Perfect Printing Method

With unlimited design opportunities and many potential customers, t-shirt printing is an excellent choice for a startup business. If you’re planning to jump into the industry, it’s best to carefully think about which printing method to use. It will allow you to immediately ensure quality and value that appeals to your target market.

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