9 Ways To Make Your Mark As A TikTok Comedian

9 Ways To Make Your Mark As A TikTok Comedian

You have always had a crowd surrounding you for your jokes and sarcastic comments throughout your life. Now you have realised that you might be a comic and want to make your make as a TikTok comedian. You can also opt to buy tiktok shares to show your social proof to new audiences and increase the visibility of your video. Remember to be yourself and not get lost to make your mark as a comic on TikTok. Here are 9 Ways to guide you moving forward in the process.

Make Content That Gives You Laugh

Sometimes you can get carried away in making videos for your audiences that you forget to realise if it makes you laugh first. So as a beginner, remember to stick to comedy content that makes you laugh rather than focusing on your audience. To succeed as a comedian, you must create content that might not laugh at all your audience. Don’t be afraid of that; always remember to produce content you enjoy. The right audience will find your videos eventually, so focus on making quality, laughable content that makes sense to you first.

Hop On Trends

Look for new trends such as dialogue, a dance move, or even a funny prank. Find out how you can tweak the content in your style to produce comedy content for TikTok. Make sure to use the sound or the hashtag with your take on it, and TikTok will push your content to the audience who likes the sound or is following the hashtag. Of course, you have to understand the rules of TikTok and play the game in the best way possible. When your take on the trend is unique, other TikTokers will also re-enact your video, driving traffic to your TikTok account.

Make Videos With Current Affairs

TikTok is a platform where users are encouraged to watch and share content with friends and family. For example, take a topic people are discussing and create content with your comedy induced. For instance, many comedians share their sarcastic comedy opinions on political news and World affairs using TikTok videos. When your audience finds your comments funny and relatable, they are likelier to share them with friends and family.

Collaborate With Other TikTok Comedians

Collab with other TikTok comedians who use a similar style of comedy content as yours for their videos can bring new audiences. TikTok is a community that encourages its users to socialize with one another, and collab videos rank higher on TikTok. You can make content with a TikToker who has more followers than you to gain more audience. Also, remember to keep in touch with your comedian friends on TikTok, and your friend’s community will help you in a long journey on TikTok.

One For Them, One For You

You might get exhausted trying to think of new original content constantly for your audience alone. To stop you from getting tired, you can sometimes write content that solely excites you. That is, write content for your videos on a rule of “One for them and One for you” to keep you sane. Using the rule, you might not lose yourself in becoming an excellent TikTok comedian.

Don’t Give Up

Competition is high on TikTok as many people worldwide want to establish their careers as influencers. Unless you are fortunate most of your videos will not perform well. That’s why many users get assistance from Trollishly to let their content perform well on TikTok. Deleting your TikTok videos since they are not performing well might decrease your views on your TikTok account.

Post Regularly

On TikTok, the maximum number of posts you can do a day is one or even post on alternative days. TikTok is a number game, and the performance of your account depends on the total number of views, likes, and shares on TikTok. Even if a single post is not performing well, a bunch of posts a week can perform well for your account. So content is relatable, funny content on TikTok and uploaded at regular intervals.

Build A Community

Interactive with your audience by instantly replying to their comments on your TikTok videos, for starters. You can also go-lives and talk directly with them and build a connection with your audiences. Engagement alone might not instantly grow the number of views or followers but will increase the loyalty of your existing audience. Call your fans with a name to address them and give them a reason for them to come back to your videos.

Caption Your Videos

Use captions on screen for your videos so your audience can understand your jokes better. You can also use quirky captions and spellings to make your content look more attractive. Many audiences appreciate the use of captions on the screen as sometimes they might not have their volumes up while consuming your video. In addition, you can let people consume your comedy content with hearing disabilities using captions on the screen.

Wrapping Up

There are other ways you can use to make your mark on TikTok as a comedian, excluding the ways above. You can take advantage of nostalgia and make sure to put out your first comedy within the 5 seconds of your TikTok videos. Remember why you started and enjoy creating content on TikTok.

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