The different specializations offered under B.Com.

B.Com. stands for Bachelor of Commerce. It is a three-year course that students can pursue after their completion of 11th and 12th. While B.Com is a great start for students who studied commerce in higher standards, many students want to take it up a notch ahead and go for B.Com specializations as they open more doors for job opportunities and a successful career ahead.

B.Com Top Specializations

Let’s take a look at some of the top B.Com specializations :

  1. B.Com with Corporate Accounting & Taxation

A B.Com with a specialization in taxation and accounting is specifically designed for those who have an interest in mathematics, stats, and accounting. Graduates can aspire to make a good start of their career as corporations are continuing to grow and every organization needs experts on corporate taxation and corporate accounting. With some experience, this role can even lead you to managerial positions as well as a departmental head.

  1. B.Com Banking & Finance

The private and public sector banking is also growing at a rapid pace, who need experts to oversee the management and growth of the banks. There is also a huge demand for finance and banking experts in the entire corporate sector. They can also work with such specialization as investment bankers, market analysts, corporate analysts, and investment analysts etc. All these positions are also very well paying jobs.

  1. B.Com in Economics

B.Com specialization in Economics equips students with a great understanding of economics at much advanced and complex levels. They explore both the micro and macro segments of economics, including extensive knowledge of what sort of financial issues an organization faces, alongwith its improvement. These experts are hired mostly by organizations to oversee, solve, and develop their financial department.

  1. B.Com in Computer Applications

B.Com specialization in Computer applications make students proficient at different computer applications that are particularly required to do various tasks in different industries. Graduates with a computer applications specialization have a broad field from where they can find employment – starting from, accounting, e-commerce, stock market, digital marketing, etc.

  1. B.Com in Management Studies

A B.Com specialization in management studies equips students with the knowledge of advanced management and operation challenges frequently faced by organizations – and they are trained on how to resolve them. Students in this specialization also learn extensively on topics like customer demands, commercialization, trade and labor markets to name a few.

  1. B.Com (Hons) Business Analytics

This specialization is recently gaining a lot of demand, especially for students who are ambitious about starting a career in data analytics. Business analysts are crucial today in any kind of business organization – analytics, statistics, data etc. that are used in the analysis of a business and help business leaders make informed decisions.

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