Top 5 Reasons Ford Is Leading the Future

Top 5 Reasons Ford Is Leading the Future

Top 5 Reasons Ford Is Leading the Future

There has been a lot of buzz in the automotive industry about how automakers can fit more technology into a vehicle, and as time goes on, more extraordinary features join their lineups.

From investing in artificial intelligence to hiring a tech team of outstanding women, see how Ford Motor Company is transforming tech in the automotive industry.

Ford Has Been Dedicated to High Tech for a Long Time

Research labs at Ford have been working on large-scale industrial applications of neural networks for about 20 years, and the automaker was the first to use this technology to introduce an advanced misfire detection system.

A neural network is a series of algorithms that mimic the human brain. It uses the information it collects to notice relationships between expansive amounts of data. With this data, Ford can use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect wrinkles in car seats, learn details about used cars, and update navigation in real time.

You can get this kind of tech in a used Ford, too. For instance, the 2019 Ford Edge comes equipped with AI as part of its all-wheel-drive system. It uses dozens of sensors to determine if all-wheel drive is necessary, and can automatically shift between two and four-wheel drive. A used car dealership may have one of these SUVs in stock.

It’s Always Out With the Old and in With the New Technology

It’s not a secret that Google has had a major effect on technology. They revolutionized the search engine, revamped email, and transformed Cloud technology. Now, they are here to change the way you drive.

Ford and Google have just formed a powerful team to enhance vehicle ownership. You can expect to find features like Android Auto and Google apps built into every Ford. This allows drivers to have access to some of the best voice and navigation technology available.

Overall, Google and Ford want to make customers feel like personalized infotainment services and the tech in your automobile feels like separate features. You’ll be able to use all of Ford’s sensational safety features, while also entertaining your passengers.

They Invest in Diversity to Ensure Everyone Has a Chance to Contribute to High-Tech

In 2020, Ford created a team predominantly made up of women to take on a new electric SUV, the Mustang Mach-E. These amazing women built a custom Mach-E to support Warrior in Pink, a breast cancer prevention campaign.

Women designed everything from the engine to the transmission. Today, the Mach-E is available for purchase. Get features like Ford Co-Pilot360, a panoramic roof, and a large touchscreen display that’s packed with infotainment features and HVAC settings.

Ford is also investing in young women, too. They encourage girls to pursue careers in the automotive industry by supporting science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics programs, better known as STEAM. Ford supports programs like coding for cars and introducing girls to women mentors that work for Ford.

Ford is Ready for Hand-Free Driving With Blue Cruise

This outstanding combination of lane centering, adaptive cruise control, radar sensors, and cameras allows you to go hands-free on certain highways. It can only be activated in what Ford calls “Blue Zones,” which is about 100,000 miles of North American highway. All you need to do is drive through a Blue Zone, and hit the adaptive cruise control button.

If you’re worried about driver safety, Ford has you covered. You’re alerted as soon as BlueCruise activates, and your entire display turns blue to signal to you that it’s on. You’ll know when to grab the steering wheel again when an icon clearly states that you keep your hands on the wheel.

To ensure you pay attention to the road, Ford installed an interior infrared sensor to track your gaze and head position. You can find this cool and convenient tech in the new Ford F-150 and Mustang Mach-E.

This Is an Automotive Manufacturer That’s Always Looking Forward

Even if you’re doing an internet search for a “used car dealership near me,” you should still check out the new concepts coming from Ford. For instance, the all-electric F-150 Lightning will be available in 2022. This is the first ever F-series that ditches the gas pump and offers super high-tech features.

Ford is also taking steps to make sure your car, truck, and SUV are always up-to-date. By 2028, they expect to manufacture at least 33 million vehicles that can receive significant updates wirelessly. In the future, you can expect to see features like drawing pads, better sound systems, more towing capacity, and kid-friendly games to make your commute even better. This shows Ford’s commitment to their customers and dedication to adapting to today’s changing technology. To explore everything this brand can offer you, contact your nearest Ford dealer today!

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