Why do you need a wallet when dealing with crypto?

Technology is something we all rely on in our daily lives and it has become important to people all over the world. From using smartphones to stay in touch to online e-commerce stores for shopping or virtual assistant devices in the home, this is true. Tech has also had a huge impact in the financial world and how we not only pay for things but also the kinds of things we invest in.

In terms of both paying for goods and investments, cryptocurrencies have been in the headlines lately. A good example of this is how many people use popular coins such as Ethereum to play casino games online. Using cryptocurrencies to play fun games such as blackjack online is becoming very popular, and this is leading to more crypto casinos opening online.

If you plan to play games like this with digital cash, using a special crypto wallet is wise. Metamask is an example of this sort of online wallet and there are many casinos which accept Metamask in 2022. In fact, using a dedicated wallet to store cryptocurrencies is a sensible move in general – however you like to use them.

What is a crypto wallet? 

Before we take a look at why using this kind of wallet makes sense for crypto fans, it is first worth clarifying what they are. Just as you would find out more about how cryptocurrencies work before investing in them, you should know more about crypto wallets prior to using them.

A crypto wallet is a piece of software or hardware which allows you to store your crypto keys for future use. It is key to note that your cryptocurrency itself is not stored in these wallets. Instead, it stores just the private and public key data which you need to access the coins you own.

The tech in crypto wallets interacts with the blockchain network that the coins are built on, and this makes it possible to access your digital cash from them. Each time you spend crypto coins, trade or sell them, your wallet is automatically updated. As noted above, these wallets can come in hardware form, such as a super-secure type of USB stick, or online ones, such as mobile crypto wallet apps or online crypto wallet software.

Why use a crypto wallet? 

While the ability of tech to change industry is impressive, and the benefits of using a wallet for crypto investors also stands out. Although you could store your coins on a crypto exchange, many people active in this market would advise using a specialist wallet instead. But why is this a good idea?

To begin with, dedicated crypto wallets are very secure. The latest online wallets for example will have high-end tech which makes them tough for hackers to breach. Even hardware wallets can be locked away physically and password protected to offer high levels of security. This gives you total peace of mind that your crypto keys and public addresses are safe.

Some wallets also contain features which provide an overview of your investments and the current state of the crypto market. This is a major reason to use them for most people, who value how easy this makes keeping on top of your investments.

Why else should you use a crypto wallet? 

Using this kind of wallet also makes sense if you like to get involved with multiple cryptocurrencies. This is actually quite common with many crypto fans and something that you may find yourself doing over time. Many people for example will hold a range of coins to use for different purposes or to diversify their investment portfolio. Using one central crypto wallet for numerous cryptocurrencies makes sense and is a lot easier to manage than having your keys scattered across different platforms or places.

Making the decision to use a wallet like this also means you will not lose your crypto keys or forget where you put them! While this sounds a little far-fetched, there have been stories over time of people doing just that. This kind of mistake could cause you to be unable to access your coins and lose a fortune. By using a crypto wallet, you avoid this situation and always know where they are.

Wallets for cryptocurrency users 

When you also add in the way wallets make sending or receiving cryptocurrencies simple and the extra control they offer to manage your coins, it is easy to see why they are worth using. If you do not have one setup currently, it is one option to consider.

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