How it pays to have a real estate agent opposed to finding house on your own

How it pays to have a real estate agent opposed to finding house on your own

A real estate agent is basically a professional who helps people to buy and sell properties. Consulting a real estate agent to buy a house is not always necessary. It is totally an option in most countries in the world except a few. Also there is a very important point to be taken in consideration that a person who is buying a house mostly does not pay a real estate agent because the commission is mostly paid by the seller to the agent but of course this is not the case always..

Generally, agents show different houses to people who are interested in buying property especially residential properties like houses. When a buyer contacts them, they show them different houses as per the client’s budget.  They show and tell the good and bad of the houses, area etc. Normally it is preferable to buy a house using the services of a real estate agent rather than finding it own your own.

Benefits of hiring a real estate agent:

The benefits of hiring a real estate agent to find a house overpowers its drawbacks. Some benefits for people searching for a home are following:

Hassel-free process:

When an agent is hired for house hunting it is a relatively smooth process for the buyer as all the work is to be done by the agent and not the investor himself, making it a very hassle-free and easy process.

Time efficient process:

Hiring an agent saves a lot of time at buyers hand as he/she does not have to worry about finding sellers who are ready to sell houses at reasonable prices. Also buyer is tension free in this regard and only has to come to site once everything is settled between agent and seller regarding the requirements of buyer.

Shoe-value cost:

So basically in the world of business and economy, shoe value cost is the amount of sole of shoes worn by a person that is damaged during moving. So it is said that if a person tries to find something in lesser price and walks a lot for it he actually loses a lot of time and thus in the long run it damages the person more than the little price it apparently saves. So hiring an agent lowers the effort and shoe leather cost of buyer.

Better knowledge about properties:

A real estate expert has all the knowledge and information about the land and properties in your area so he knows better about which house should be bought and which should not. Which property is suitable for renting and which is suitable for living life peacefully. So in this way the buyer is tension-free and do not have to think about the worth of property.


An expert does all the negotiations with seller and tries his best to bring buying price to lowest possible rates and completes all important formalities including taxation, laws etc. The real estate agent puts in all the effort to final the deal between two parties and just takes 2% of the total profit. Some people may be reluctant to give this commission and think they are wasting their money and could have got a house by themselves but they are wrong. As, giving a small percentage of profit is saving so many bucks for us without us knowing. So I think it is easier to have a realtor opposed to finding a house on your own.


We should always look on the positive side of the broader picture and losing small amount is worth saving a lot of time, effort and hustle.

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