Combining Traditional Medicine with Holistic Medicine

Combining Traditional Medicine with Holistic Medicine

Using Old and New Methods to Promote Overall Health

Holistic medicine – or alternative medicine, as it’s sometimes called – is a practice deriving from historical roots going back hundreds of years and spanning different cultures. The core idea of it is that by harnessing internal powers found in the mind, body, and spirit, a person can achieve optimal physical health, mental clarity and focus, and an overall sense of emotional wellbeing. These practices are used in conjunction with alternative medicines such as herbalism and acupuncture.

Herbalism is the oldest form of medical practice that uses plants and plant extracts for a wide range of medicinal use. It can be used for musculoskeletal issues relating to pain in the muscles or joints, various illnesses, and skin irritations/rashes just to name a few. Acupuncture is another form of alternative treatment that uses very thin and sharp needles that are strategically placed throughout the body. Although that may sound painful, acupuncture has been shown to be highly beneficial in pain management, stress reduction, and bringing a person a sense of overall wellness.

The world of holistic medicine has continually proven to be a reliable alternative method to those who either don’t have access to traditional medicine, can’t afford it, or don’t find that its effects are beneficial to their well-being. However, that isn’t to say that traditional medicine doesn’t have value. It absolutely does, and all the accomplishments we’ve made with modern medicine – most recently, the COVID vaccine – continue to prove that there are just some issues that can’t be remedied without science and pharmaceutical companies.

Considering the many benefits of traditional medicine and holistic medicine, the issue isn’t choosing between one or the other, but rather, how to appropriately marry the two in a fashion that works specifically for any given person.

One of the main ways people do this is by taking a holistic-first approach, which you can break down to the following:

Holistic or all-natural beauty products:

A lot of the mainstream beauty products being sold in retail today can contain harmful or irritating substances. This is why it’s always a smart idea to choose your products by looking for those labeled “all natural” or “organic” and then reading the ingredients label to ensure that it’s not a laundry list of chemicals. Try to be mindful of this when choosing products used on your hair or skin such as cosmetics, moisturizers, or otherwise. The choices you make for your skin today could go on to benefit it long-term down the road.

Holistic approach to medicine:

When you think of holistic medicine, think of it in terms of how everything is connected. For example, if you find yourself getting headaches, over-the-counter medications may mute the symptoms but it won’t get to the root cause of the issue. If your headaches are caused by stress or emotional triggers, then the holistic approach would aim to tackle those rather than temporarily alleviate the physical symptoms. The next time you have an ailment – physical or otherwise – ask yourself, “What’s really causing this?” The holistic approach is a great way to bypass prescription and over-the-counter medications and get to the root cause of your issues.

Holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing:

Without good mental health, our daily activities such as work, social interaction, and raising our families can greatly be hindered and become a challenge. Feeling mentally distracted, stressed, unable to focus on tasks, or in a bad mood are just a few of the areas in which holistic approaches can help. Yet again, the question has to be asked, “What’s really causing this?” A bad mood or inability usually indicates a deeper issue, which is why holistic therapies such as yoga, energy healing, and music/art therapy have proven to be great avenues to flush out negativity and reclaim focus. 

These are just a few examples of how holistic wellness methods continue to be a safe and healthy alternative to traditional medicine. Since you’ll be looking at your wellness “as a whole” – mind, body, and spirit – you gain a better perspective of how these things are connected, which traditional medicine can sometimes neglect to do because of its focus on symptoms.

Holistic wellness clubs are excellent resources for participating in activities such as yoga, group fitness, energy healing, and other wellness services intended to clear the mind, refresh the body, and center the spirit. When combining these benefits with the ones obtained via traditional medicine, you get the best of both worlds and put yourself on the path to better overall health.

A holistic wellness club in Kansas City or your local area is easy to find, and should have a list of comprehensive services that can help with pain management, health & beauty, and mental clarity/focus issues. Take advantage today by booking an appointment with your local holistic wellness club.   

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