YouTube mp3 is closed but there are alternatives

YouTube mp3 is closed but there are alternatives

It’s been a few years since the announcement of the closure of the site shook the web world. But the hardest part is a great void that the site will leave. Fortunately, there are alternative sites that allow you to download videos. Who are they and what do they offer?, a highly publicized closure

Until a few years ago, was the benchmark mp3 file download site. This site works as a converter, allowing you to switch from video format to MP3 format. What is commonly called stream-ripping very quickly became the preserve of young people. Also, if this converter has had good days, on the other hand, its success has served him very well.

A few year ago, several American labels lodged a complaint against the German converter site. A long legal battle began on September 26, 2016 in federal court in California and would have resulted in an agreement with the labels. The promoter of YouTube mp3 should pay them damages and undertake to shut down the site.

This closure is part of a trend that began in France with the closure of the t411 torrent site, which allows you to download movies for free. It is also hailed by many actors of the artistic world. In the meantime, alternatives are emerging in the web ecosystem.

Youzik and its Android app, the best YouTube to MP3 download alternative

After the closure of, Youzik is now positioned as the best YouTube download platform at the moment. Like, it is a converter that allows YouTube videos to be converted into MP3 format.

The Youzik platform is clearly the easiest and fastest conversion solution. It is renowned for offering very good quality content. Just search or copy the video url in the search box and start converting.  YouTube to MP3 converter You will then simply have to save the file on the medium of your choice. The operation will not require you to install or register.

The platform is accessible from a computer and compatible with browsers. Extensions integrated into these browsers allow downloads from a download button. These are the addons.

Youzik is also perfectly compatible with smartphones and tablets, it is also one of the only converters that is compatible with the Android system. In this area, the Youzik application is also a reference.

Youzik indeed offers a very complete Android application that allows you to carry out the entire process directly from your smartphone, for more information, go to

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Other equally interesting alternatives

Other platforms like  telecharger-youtube-mp3 or download-youtube-mp3 also offer the same services for converting YouTube videos to mp3 files.

In addition to being fast and simple, download-youtube-mp3 is a discreet converter that allows you to download completely anonymously. In addition, on the site, it is possible to download unlimited free of charge all the MP3 files of your choice.

As for download-youtube-mp3, it is also one of the best converters around. The search engine of this platform is so powerful that it allows you to find the video you want in just a few seconds. But its real strength is its ability to convert any YouTube video to MP3 and MP4 asynchronously. The goal is to reduce the waiting time.

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