Everything you need to know about diamond painting

Everything you need to know about diamond painting

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In this blog, we will discuss Everything you need to know about diamond painting. You may want to know what is diamond painting, what are the tips for making diamond painting, how to seal it or put it on the wall. Here is the guide for you.
In this guide, we will go through all aspects of Diamond Painting and help you understand it. The paint diamond (diamond painting) is an art form used to entertain and reduce stress, which is to be placing progressively small crystals of colors on a canvas, and forming a mosaic or figure, is similar in this respect to paint for points and despite its name, it does not use any type of paint.

The paint diamonds has become very popular in Chile and the world, for its simplicity and incredible results, is a hobby that can be done by both children and adults, without any previous experience.

What are Diamond Painting sets?

Although you can get the materials independently, today it is very common to get a diamond painting set, which contains everything you need to complete a pre-established design.

Generally a set includes:

  • A canvas of the size you choose, indicated in the set.
  • Different crystals of different colors, those necessary to complete the figure indicated in the set (and some extra always).
  • A tray to store the crystals so that they do not spread.
  • A pencil for painting with diamonds.
  • Some kind of glue to adhere the crystals to the pencil.
  • Most of the sets come with the design pre-painted on the canvas, so that it is easier to place the diamonds, these are also the most recommended for children.

How can I start Painting with Diamonds?

Leaving is very simple, as we mentioned, it is very easy and does not require previous experience, so we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Buy a diamond painting set.
  2. Choose the right size and a design that you love, if you are starting we recommend starting with a smaller one.
  3. Make sure you have a spacious and orderly space before you leave, ideally one where you can leave things for more than 1 day (yes, these projects take days to complete)
  4. Make sure you have all the tools.
  5. Review the recommended techniques to complete your chart.
  6. Hop up!
  7. Enjoy your creation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Painting

Is it easy to paint with diamonds?

Yes, painting with diamonds is very easy and almost anyone can do it. No special skill or knowledge is needed.

Can children make diamond paintings?

Yes, it is an appropriate activity for children in basic education and older as well. Younger children should not do this as they may be at risk if they swallow the crystals or they may become frustrated if they do not have the required fine motor skills.

Is it expensive to paint with diamonds?

No, painting with diamonds does not represent a great cost, you can start with a small size painting that is cheaper and experiment.

How do you finish a diamond painting?

You must generate pressure on the finished painting to ensure that the crystals are well placed, then you can place a Mod Podge type glue and put them in a frame.

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