The Gravity Bong: What Is It

The Gravity Bong: What Is It

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Gravity bongs are popular with smokers who want to take in a big puff of cannabis all at once. Not for the tender-hearted or the inexperienced, gravity bongs can get you soaring higher than ever, saving a lot of weed.

Gravity bongs are just one of those “things”. If you’ve never come across this fun way to consume or share weed (especially with friends), read on. If you’ve come across one before, but are excited to easily recreate that experience, read on.

These ingenious devices can get you high, super fast. Even if you’re a seasoned stoner , these bongs will send you into the stratosphere with just a few puffs.


Also sometimes referred to as Archimedes’ push or bucket, a gravity bong is simply a chimney propelled with water for highly concentrated smoke. It is made by using two empty chimneys to push smoke through the water and into the exit opening. Technically, the outcome is a mixture of gravity and increased water pressure.

Unlike a regular bang, these forces actually push the smoke into your airways and lungs. Basically, this kind of bang gives a potent whiff of THC all at once. For this reason, it is not a recommended consumption method for beginners.

Also, many people make these bongs with plastic materials. This is not a good idea, as you will inhale dangerous chemicals as a result. Instead, just use a glass bong .


There are several benefits to smoking your weed this way . First of all, it’s one of the most simplified ways to get high. Surprisingly, gravity bongs actually help you save your cannabis. How? ‘Or’ What ? You can actually burn less weed. If you do it right, obviously, these bongs can also be inexpensive to make.

Still, resist the temptation to engage in DIY projects involving plastic bottles. No matter how strong this idea may seem on the internet, stay away from it. Why ? It’s a one-way ticket to inhaling all of these harmful chemicals along with your natural cannabis smoke.


Gravity bongs require a lot of cannabis for optimal function. The process involves vaporizing a full cup of cannabis with each puff. If you can’t get that amount of smoke into your lungs, you’re wasting some great weed.

If you cannot inhale the puff without immediately coughing out and expelling all the smoke, this method may not be for you. Many regular smokers rely on this heavy drinking tool to feel “higher” again after regular use. However, like all methods, the effects of a gravity bong puff wears off over time.

And then, of course, there is the ultimate downside. Gravity bongs are massive and hard to hide, making them a worry-prone choice for those trying to keep their smoking habits a secret. But for the avowed connoisseur, however, a gravity bong might as well be the centerpiece of the home.

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The sad fact is that gravity bongs can be hard to find in specialty smoking head shops. They are illegal in United States and many countries of the world. A lack of understanding of how consumers consume medical cannabis is at the forefront of this decision. Medical consumers, in particular, could benefit from the potent doses administered with this method of consumption. Gravity bangs aren’t just party accessories.

There are many websites where you can find instructions for making your own gravity bong. Basically, this involves submerging an empty bottomless bottle in water (usually in another bottle or in a bucket).

In theory, you can also do this with a glass siphon. The idea is to create a form of suction that will form a vacuum in the upper bottle. You then place a rack holding your cannabis on top of the top bottle. Quickly burn the cannabis and pull the bottle upward through the water, letting the cavity fill with smoke. Once you’ve created enough smoke, remove the cannabis and place your mouth on top of the bottle. The force will press on the smoke into your lungs.

This is precisely the reason why you should not use a plastic bottle to make a gravity bong.


The option to making your personal is to purchase a gravity bong. This way you get a product specially designed for the experiment. The practicality is generally a little easier. Homemade versions are usually unwieldy and sometimes just plain dangerous. They also tend to waste a lot of weed.

Gravity bongs are inexpensive, easy to use, and best of all, reusable. Want to put a party vibe back into your cannabis routine? Next time try a gravity bong!

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