Almighty Allah blessed us with the beautiful blessing named EYES  eyes are the most important part of our life without eyes live of a person may called uncolored without any colour They  cannot see the beauty of life Almighty Allah created this universe and created man-kind and Allah bless them with immense blessings and eyes are one of them .

Almighty Allah says in holy Quran  “THAT IT IS WHO GRANTS US LAUGHTER AND TEARS ”

 Did you ever thought! What would you do if you don’t have yours eyes ?! You wouldn’t be able to know what your parents , friends, brother, sister friends, relatives are ! You wouldn’t be able to see pictures you wouldn’t be able to see what a animal look alike because you’ve never seen ! you wouldn’t be able to read a book because of your vision! You wouldn’t be able to perform your task with ease! This list is just endless

Allah created all humans with eyes with which they can see. Allah has given humans this very important asset.

Our eyes serve very important function they perform critical processes which we are completely unaware’

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Every object in the world reflects and emits light on to its surroundings. For instance, while you are looking at this book, the light reflected and emitted from this book is going to the back of your eye through your pupil. 

This light, after going through a series of processes at the back of your eye, turns into an electrical signal. This electrical signal goes to your brain. At the back of your brain is the centre of vision that makes it possible for you to see. The centre of vision is a small area. This is the tiny area where the electrical signals form the image of the book and that is when you see this book.isn’t it perfect!

Engineers have manufactured the photographic and video cameras by copying the human eye. However, none of this equipment gives as clear a view as your eyes do. Now lift your head from the book and look around you. Isn’t your vision clear? There is no blur, snowy dots or missing lines in your vision. Now look at your television set. Quite often, you see snowy dots or skipped lines in the image. Even when these don’t happen and even with all the new technology, televisions still do not produce the perfect images that your eyes do. 

Now, let’s think for a moment. This means that our eyes are a lot more advanced and are of better quality than any video or photographic camera or television.

Allah is the One Who created our eyes in such a way that they see in three-dimensions and with coloured images so clearly. This is why we have to thank Allah for everything beautiful that we are able to see.

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