How many reps and sets for weight loss?

The vast majority of people in the gym do not train purposefully: they often do everything without thinking about the exact result they want to achieve. This is a huge shame, if you immerse yourself a bit in some basic knowledge regarding weight loss you will notice that you are making faster progress. It is important that you train specifically: […]

What should you eat to lose weight?

What should you eat to lose weight? It is one of the most regularly asked questions we receive in our inbox: “What should you eat to lose weight?” An important question, but not one that can be answered in a short email! There are a lot of misunderstandings about the right diet for weight loss. Therefore, today we dedicate an entire blog […]

TOP 5 Best Diet Pills For Women Over 50

Losing weight quickly is essential for a growing number of overweight or obese people. According to the WHO, “overweight and obesity are defined as an abnormal or excessive accumulation of body fat which represents a risk to health”. In the opinion of health professionals, these global scourges are the bedrock for several diseases: “the morbidity associated with […]

How to spend time during a pandemic

Until recently, we were used to having a daily routine that included certain obligations with work or studies, as well as social commitments with family and friends. The pandemic completely changed our daily lives and forced us to stop everything for a moment. Despite the fact that many of us continue with our work or studies remotely, […]

5 Simple Ways To Maintain Energy Levels

When we look for information to stay healthy we can find everything from all kinds of diets to advice that recommend something and others that recommend the opposite. Learn about the 5 simple ways to maintain your energy levels so that you close the year in optimal conditions. If you constantly feel down and low, perhaps it […]

Best hair transplant clinics in London

The hair transplant is a surgical procedure simple, outpatient, which does not pose health risks. Its results are excellent, because it manages to overcome hair loss permanently. However, all this is possible only if you choose the best hair transplant clinics in London . As health care centers to have hair transplant surgery . Good service is found in prestigious and recognized places. The hair transplant is a procedure […]

Everything You Need to Know About N95 Mask

Healthcare workers wear N95 masks to stay safe when caring for people with infectious diseases like COVID-19. In this blog, we will discuss Everything You Need to Know About N95 Mask. These masks were designed for single use only. But results from initial studies from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) indicate that masks can be decontaminated […]

Should I Focus Mostly On Exercise For Weight Loss

Ultimately, losing weight is about burning more calories than you take in. This can be achieved by exercising more and eating less. Should I Focus Mostly On Exercise For Weight Loss? In this blog, we will give answer of this question.A combination works best to support the waste process and, more importantly, to retain the result. But how does that work? And […]

7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Home

“What do I have to eat to lose weight ?” It may be the most frequently asked question in our responses. Not surprising, because there is so much information to be found about nutrition to lose weight that you quickly lose your way … Fortunately, it really doesn’t have to be complicated! In this blog we briefly discuss 7 Simple […]