Coffee a Blessing or Addiction

Coffee a Blessing or Addiction

It is a brewed beverage that is made by roasting of coffee beans. Coffee has been playing a part of the stimulant since centuries. It is fondly consumed by the people of every age group but Americans are the biggest coffee drinkers. According to the resent research Americans consume 102 cups of coffee annually which can be broken down to about 280.5 million cups per day. Few years back it is not that much introduced in Asian countries but now a day it has become a popular drink among workaholic and students. No doubt it’s a blessing as its limited consumption is concerned but consuming a large amount of it may cause damage to health. The increasing trend of coffee is leading the youth to drink coffee away from homes from café’s like ‘Second cup’ and ‘Jam and Java.’

Coffee in not just a drink it has also become a source of social interaction keeping in view its affordability it has become a popular drink among teens. Students drink coffee to relieve drowsiness which can be a tool for those who feel tired after late night of studying for exams or a busy schedule that includes part time work on the weekend. According to a study it is also a memory boosting drink. A single cup of strong coffee can improve your memory. It can help a student to memorize his/her information for up to 24 hours or even beyond. Moreover coffee is the number one source of antioxidant containing phenolic antioxidant compound such as chlorogenic acid.

Besides having benefits it is also a curse in some cases. It is said that ‘excess of everything is bad.’ Drinking coffee at a young age may affect your health. Caffeine is present in coffee. Caffeine is addictive, the more you drink it the more you want to have it. If you are addicted to it you may feel headache or dizziness after a time being. Coffee blocks the effects of adenosine. As a result the cells can no longer identify adenosine because caffeine is taking up all the receptors that adenosine would not mainly bind to. Overall it may be said that a healthy amount of any beverage is good but to exceed the limit may lead to certain health risks.

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