What To Expect During a SmartLipo Procedure

With the holiday season only a few months away, this is the perfect time to prepare to attend countless merry-making activities in Canada. If you think diet and exercise are insufficient to remove those unwanted bulges, there’s another solution. You can look for the best liposuction doctor in Toronto to perform a SmartLipo procedure.

A SmartLipo procedure inserts a tiny laser tube into the fat. It heats and liquefies the fatty tissues while sealing the small blood vessels. Since the fat is now in “liquid” form, fat removal is easier. It doesn’t cause swelling or inflammation as compared to traditional liposuction. Not only does it remove excess fat, but it also helps tighten the skin.

Once the procedure is deemed suitable for you, your surgeon will book your procedure.

During the Procedure

During the initial consultation, your doctor will discuss and identify treatment areas.

Before the procedure, your doctor will confirm these areas and prepare them accordingly. While it’s a minimally invasive procedure, it can still cause discomfort. So, most doctors will apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment areas.

The staff will take “before” photos when you arrive at the clinic. This record will help monitor the recovery process.

Part of the preparation process involves marking the target areas for the procedure. Your doctor will also mark the spots for incision. After marking, the doctor will apply the anesthetic until it completely numbs the area.

Your surgeon will insert the laser probe and move it back and forth to increase the surface area covered by the heat. As the laser melts the fat, the doctor will insert another cannula to suction the liquefied fat.

The treatment area is cleaned and disinfected after the procedure.

Immediately After the Procedure

After the procedure, your doctor will explain the recovery process. Since you will still feel numbness and tingling in the treatment area, you may be prescribed pain medications and antibiotics. Other than these symptoms, you should not experience any difficulties.

Treatment Duration

The duration depends on the treatment areas. For example, a procedure done on the tummy will take longer than the one on your arm. But a simple procedure can take up to two hours.

Visible Results

Liposuction reduces the fat layer thickness, but it doesn’t mean you’ll see immediate visible results.

The fat cells still need to break down. Plus, fat reduction depends on the person’s body composition and also the treatment area. Your doctor should give you the appropriate advice about the number of sessions you’d likely have to achieve your goal. Visible results will probably show during the first three months.

Choosing to do a SmartLipo should be your personal but well-informed decision. While it may be a quick way to get your body in shape, it’s not a permanent solution. Undergoing a SmartLipo doesn’t mean you should give up on your diet and exercise. It should complement your lifestyle habits. Remember, your liposuction results won’t be noticeable if you continue eating unhealthy foods and skipping workouts.

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