How To Grow Your YouTube Video Views With QR Codes?

How To Grow Your YouTube Video Views With QR Codes?

2020 has been dubbed “the year of video,” and its dominance is expected to grow throughout the years.

To take benefit of the growing video market, many small and medium enterprises are creating their own Youtube channels and beginning to share their development and market ideas with viewers who find them useful and easy to implement.

However, because the video market is booming right now, enterprises that are just getting started with merchandise videos may see lower ratings and buyers. To resolve this, they will need to implement an appropriate marketing platform to raise their views and customer base.

With QR codes becoming the most widely used wireless technologies in many industries, most enterprises and trendsetters are considering their use in elevating Youtube video viewership.

How Can QR Codes Help You Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos?

Views and subscriptions are essential in the world of Youtubing. The likelihood of docking on the recommendation page decreases as your network receives fewer views and memberships.

And as a result, your desire to motivate and convert the viewing audience into customers dies down. As a result, many YouTube trendsetters find that using QR codes is a more innovative method to get their youtube clip identified by some of the 1 billion active audiences on Youtube.

Here are some unique ways to do so by using a QR code generator to generate QR codes that can enhance your YouTube video views.

Put it in your devices and wearables

Leveling up your advertising means eccentrically can significantly enhance your Youtube video view counts if your primary objective is to entice more subscriptions to your Youtube channel. As unusual as incorporating attention-getting elements into everyday items like gadgets and wearables, QR codes are an excellent way to increase views and subscribers.

You can embed QR codes in your gadgets and wearables to encourage people to scan and watch your videos. By tapping on a QR code generator with logo software, you can create custom-designed QR codes and place them in your wearables. In this way, you can engrain brand awareness and encourage people to develop new ways to use QR codes.

Place them in print publications

Whether enterprises and content creators agree or disagree, print media continues to play an important role in broadening their reach in the field of interest. As a result, many enterprises and trendsetters who use digital services are still considering using print marketing to push their content that drives views.

They insert their videos into QR codes and increase their views by allowing individuals to scan the code and be directed to their clips on YouTube to view.

Post it on social media

The majority of companies and content creators use social media to announce new content for their Youtube channels. According to the social media guide, including intriguing photos in every post boosts perceptions and user experience.

However, the captions fill in the gaps because the photos cannot guide users directly to your YouTube video.

You can integrate the use of a video QR code and put it within your picture post to make a smooth system to shift from one platform to Youtube without the need to put links in the description.

As a result, you can share your videos using QR codes without including a Youtube link in the caption. Users on social media will no longer need to open the see more section of the post to access the link.


Forbes states a 70 percent increase in internet usage since the lockdowns were implemented in 2020. Because most of its traffic comes from watching videos, the video production industry has seen a rise in its revenue.

And, because of the promising future that videos can provide, various channel-building tools have been implemented. Boosting their channel is crucial to them because QR codes are one of the tools they use. However, when increasing one’s YouTube video views necessitates using secure tools such as QR codes, enterprises and trend creators are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their views and followers.

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