Must-Try Jennifer Aniston Hair styles in 2022

Must-Try Jennifer Aniston Hair styles in 2022

Jennifer Aniston is the most popular American actress and filmmaker around the world. She became famous after she won Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award because of her amazing performance in the character of Rachel on the famous television show “Friends”. It is not just about her career; she is also being noticed for her flawless taste either in clothing or hairstyles. She always tried to look good every time she appears in front of the recording camera. From the day Jennifer Aniston graced our screens, she has been setting new hair trends from time to time. She has worn different hairstyles like short hairs, choppy bobs, slicked back pony, and go-to beachy waves that became famous and are so popular among females who loved to set their hairs as per the latest trends. People have tried to mimic many of her hair looks and she has been the talk of the town and the talk of the world. Her highlighted haircut was the biggest hairstyle trendsetter in the late 90s and 2000. Let’s take a look at her top 5 hairstyles that every girl must try in 2022.

Mid Length Layered Hair Cut

Whenever Jennifer Aniston had to appear for any kind of red-carpet event, she preferred to have a mid-length haircut with layers. Her blond hairs flipping in the air make her more gorgeous for her events. The long side stylish bangs ended above the chin always facilitated her to cover her hard structures for an overall amazing relaxing effect. She also loved to wear a long hairstyle for her beautiful loved ones as well as her fans.

The Bob Hair Cut

Jennifer Aniston’s mid-length bob is always popular and timeless. Her fans always respected her in this hairstyle as this particular hairstyle brought her character a very more mature feel. To get this specific hairstyle, you may ask your hairstylist to cut the hair with a blunt, asymmetric line and slightly longer back of the hairs. Volumizing can be done to create a bit of the volume at the crown that also allows movement of the hairs.

Beachy Curls

She earned her Emmy Awards and wore her long hair curly in 2002. She got this hairstyle for her red-carpet event. She won the award of being the best actress in the category of a comedy for her famous star role as Rachel on a popular TV show “Friends”. Jennifer does not wear curly hair, but when she does, her hairs look more beachy than curly. If you have wavy hairs naturally, these curls are easy to achieve. But for straight hairs, looks like this can be more challenging.

The Golden Globe Pony

Jennifer Aniston’s ponytails are iconic and one of the favorite looks for her fans that are really sleek, smooth, and chic look. Her highlights soften her appearance for the style. This is a polished look that never gets old.

Ready for Business Hairstyle

Aniston had amazing look with side-swept bangs. If you want this smooth, polished, volumized hairstyle just like Jennifer, ask your hairdresser for a heat-protected blowout and finish it with a good hairspray product for a lasting stay. This look gives more flexibility to your hair that looks cool for your official meetings and office sittings while meeting with stakeholders and clients.

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