Story Behind Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

Story Behind Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

Story Behind Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

Justine Bieber who belongs to Canada is a well-known and popular songwriter as well as a singer. He started recording his voice when he was only thirteen years old. He is a great fan of ink and he actually loves to cover his whole body with ink. He is a big freak of tattoos and that is the main reason he has a lot of fans including almost all tattoo lovers. He had his first tattoo on his sixteenth birthday and he is inking his body since then. Till now, almost 60+ amazing designs and tattoos have been noticed and recorded. He usually has tattoos on his both arms, most of his leg part, and his whole torso.

He once wrote on his Instagram account in 2008 that if tattoos do not give pain, almost every person would have ink on his / her body. He always loved art and that is why he considered his body as a canvas and enjoyed having art designs on his canvas body. Since he was sixteen, he is having more and more lovely art designs on almost every inch of his body. He never stopped having tattoos on his body and no one even thinks that Justin Bieber is going to end up with this in the near future.

Collection of Tattoos

Justin Bieber shared his story behind his tattoos collection when he released his sixth album, Justice, which was his direct product. He also shared his time spent with his family during the lockdown. He has a massive collection of art designs on his body that has some meaning and reason which expresses himself in the best way. He never had ink on his hands as he promised himself that he would have tattoos on his hands. Below is the huge collection of his tattoos;

  • A tiny cross near his eye’s corner represents his faith and trust in his God.
  • The word “purpose” is written above his belly button to have more focus on his journey and the purpose of his life.
  • A small crown on his chest was designed to give tribute.
  • A cross in the middle of his torso was created with ink to show trust and faith.
  • Roman numerals were inked to his body to show love for the lady who raised him. These roman numerals are basically the birth year of his beloved mother “Pattie Mallette”.
  • “Forgive” was a word on Justin Bieber’s body to convey self-explanatory to the whole world.
  • The very first tattoo “seagull” was designed on his sixteenth birthday after getting inspiration from a novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull written by a famous writer Richard Bach.
  • “The Yeshua” is marked on his body with his dad.
  • The angels defeating evil on side of his body to struggle with the good and evil, the positive and negative, and the dark and light.
  • A large tattoo “Son of God” reassure his trust and faith.
  • Folded hands on his left leg is a symbol of being faithful and grateful.
  • A small peach after his song peaches.

In one of the interviews, he shared that the most meaningful tattoo was the bear tattoo that conveyed the meaning of rest.

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