A new era of digital art-the advent of non-homogeneous token nfts

A new era of digital art-the advent of non-homogeneous token NFTS

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NFTs are irreplaceable tokens , and most NFTs are often digital. This makes it especially easy for creators to provide their supporters with something rare and unique. For example, some NFTs are digital artworks, and people are now collecting these digital artworks, just as collectors have collected physical paintings for many years. Some of these NFTs are very expensive. An NFT artwork by digital artist Beeple was sold at Christie’s auction house for $69 million .

They are an Ethereum blockchain game in which users can buy, sell and breed digital cats. Each “cat” is unique (just like your pet in real life).

In some respects, NFTs are similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Of course, they are irreplaceable and indivisible. The first NFT is part of the Ethereum blockchain, which stores additional electronic information to distinguish their uniqueness. Other blockchains now also promote NTF. Due to the different blockchain technologies behind specific NFTs, not all NFT markets buy and sell all types of NFTs. As the creator, the NFT market is usually selected based on whether the market supports a specific NFC token standard. The following is a summary of the top 10 NFT trading venues and basic information. The entry fees of the major trading venues are generally not high, and some are even completely free. Please read the introduction on the relevant website in detail:

Non-homogeneous assets” are unique assets that cannot be exchanged for equivalent assets with similar assets.

The concepts of homogenization and non-homogeneity are closely related to daily life. Try to look around and imagine that the object in front of you can be replaced by something that looks exactly the same on the surface? In this way, you will find that although we don’t call our souvenirs or collectibles a “non-homogeneous asset”, they are everywhere in our lives.

In fact, the definition of homogeneity and non-homogeneity is fluid. For example, if a homogenized asset is given intrinsic value or unique characteristics, it can be redefined as a unique non-homogeneous asset. Conversely, if a non-homogeneous asset suddenly degrades (for example, you discover that your Babe Ruth signed baseball is a fake), its value is no different from an ordinary homogenized asset.

NFTS provides certification for the source of digital assets to prevent abuse.

The original ownership, scarcity and uniqueness of virtual items have always been difficult to confirm. Therefore, defining the value of digital art is no easy task. Due to the aforementioned difficulties, it is difficult for digital artists to establish and maintain their creations, and cases of plagiarism and theft are not uncommon. The biggest problem is that it makes it difficult for the public and prospective collectors to treat digital art and physical art equally, believing that the former is of lower value than the latter.

The birth of NFT brings a paradigm shift for digital art and other online media-it provides authentication for the source of digital assets, prevents abuse, introduces the concept of giving physical art and asset value into the online world, and opens up new horizons for precious digital artworks , To provide artists with unprecedented creative opportunities.

So, how exactly does NFT verify the source of digital art? The reason why the NFT called “non-homogeneity tokens ” (non-Fungible tokens ), instead of “non-homogeneity assets ” (non-Fungible Assets ) or ” digital non-homogeneity Assets” ( Digital non-Fungible Assets ), because they are products driven by blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology and NFTs

So, what is blockchain? To make a simple analogy, the blockchain is a decentralized, permission less digital ledger. Decentralized means that the blockchain is not owned by anyone. On the contrary, it is stored and maintained by a group of users who do not know each other, which is the opposite of centralized ledger technology (servers) that is supervised and maintained by a single entity. Permission less, that is, anyone can store data on the blockchain, maintain the general ledger, and browse and record activities.

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