How Many Calories in Onion?

How Many Calories in Onion?

How Many Calories in Onion?

1. What types of onions are there?

The onion is also called onion, kitchen onion, house onion or common onion. It is one of the most important vegetables here in Germany. Onion cultivation takes up 8% of all vegetable cultivation in Germany. Only the tomato is even more important. Among all onion types, the table onion is the “onion of all onions”. But there are a lot of other varieties. Let’s take a quick look at the 7 most important varieties: The white onion is hardly known to us. In southern Europe, on the other hand, it is of great importance. The red onion is very popular because of its mild and sweet taste. The spring onion is also very popular . It’s also called spring onion and looks like leek. The shallot is particularly popular in upscale kitchens. There it is often used for sauces. The vegetable onion is known for its sweetish and mild taste. Silver onions are very small and no more than 3 cm in diameter. You can find them in mixed pickles. Then there are the pearl onions , which look very similar to the silver onions. They too are usually inserted. You may want to lose weight. Understanding the calories in onions helps a lot with that. In order to answer this question, however, we first need its weight.

How many grams does an onion actually weigh?

Here we have to differentiate between the respective varieties. According to a study by the BVL (Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety), an ordinary onion weighs around 83 grams .

A shallot, on the other hand, is significantly smaller and weighs only 20 grams.

Next, let’s look at the calories in onions.

2. Nutritional values ​​and calories in onions

There is a tremendous benefit in losing weight when you have your calorie balance under control. So you always know that you are on the right path to weight loss.

It quickly becomes clear that the onion is one of the lightweights from a calorie point of view. Because there are only 26.9 calories per 100 grams in onions (fresh). By the way, “onion” means “table onions”.

They contain practically no fat and very little protein. The already few calories come almost exclusively from carbohydrates.

whole onion contains around 22.3 calories .

Shallots have slightly fewer calories than onions. Here are just 21.5 calories in shallots.

A whole shallot, which is very small anyway, only contains a tiny 4.3 calories.

The calories in red onions are almost identical to the calories in onions. 100 grams of red onions contain a friendly 27.3 calories.

2.1 calories in onions from the jar

The “silver onions” variety is used for the onions from the jar. You can find these in your supermarket under the name “Mixed Pickles” .

The silver onion itself has just as many calories as the normal onion.

Unfortunately, the food industry has a hand in this again. It also happens that there are almost twice as many calories in onions from the jar.

There are 49.7 calories in onions from the jar. You could eat twice the amount of regular onions for this.

But where does the larger amount of calories come from? We see that there are 11.0 grams of carbohydrates in here. These come from the added sugar.

And sugar definitely won’t help you lose weight. Because sugar has a very negative effect on your fat metabolism.

2.2 calories in onions (dried)

If you look at the calories in dried onions, you may get scared. Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

There are a whopping 383.1 calories in onions per 100 grams, which is more than 10 times the number of calories compared to normal onions. But how is that possible?

After drying, only the calorie-containing components remain. But I can give you the all-clear right away.

Because the key question here is: How many grams of dried onion do you actually use when cooking or seasoning?

That’s probably not even 100 grams, and that’s definitely not going to turn your calorie balance upside down.

2.3 calories in onion powder

The same applies to the calories in onion powder as the calories in dried onions.

There are a whopping 376.3 calories in onion powder per 100 grams, but you won’t be using much more than a few grams of onion powder in cooking, either.

So you don’t need to worry too much about onions here.

2.4 calories in onions (frozen)

The calories in frozen onions are practically the same as the calories in regular onions.

In this respect, frozen onions are also a great option. So you don’t need to worry about optimal storage. We’ll get to that later.

2.5 calories in fried onions

What would a hot dog be without fried onions? Unthinkable, right?

Now, if you see the amount of calories, you may quickly change your mind.

Because 100 grams of fried onions contain a record-breaking 606 calories . It quickly becomes clear why a hot dog is not exactly known as a slimming agent.

Therefore my request to you: Be careful with fried onions. Because they can quickly swirl your calorie balance through the air.

Not that you get me wrong I don’t want to forbid you any food at all. I just want to avoid falling into this nasty calorie trap.

That being said, fried fried onions in particular are extremely unhealthy.

4. The 3 calorie traps in onions

Losing weight is about eating fewer calories than you are consuming. And here the natural onion supports you very well. Because it hardly affects your calorie balance.

The onion is very well able to thwart your calorie balance. Let’s take a look at 3 common calorie traps that you should definitely watch out for.

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