The Different Types of Fashion Styles

The Different Types of Fashion Styles

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The Different Types of Fashion Styles

Elegant style people

Emphasize gentleness and elegance with soft lines. More feminine than the classical woman, not as sexy as the romantic type, you are soft and not “fascinating.” Whether it is a middle-aged lady or a young woman, they will show their gentle qualities. Because their eyes are very gentle, the styles and fabrics with soft lines are very suitable for them. A delicate suit, a soft pleated skirt or a lotus leaf skirt is more suitable for you than a bright, tough tight skirt. The dress is also very suitable, and it will be more elegant than the “H” shape. The shirt in the suit should also be decorated with lace. It is best to use a watercolor-like blooming pattern, and the contrast should not be too obvious.

The accessories should not be novel, but feminine and tasteful. Please don’t forget to tie a silk scarf elegantly! Makeup should express your elegance, softness and gentleness, so don’t be too thick. The right eyeshadow makes you even more exciting. Hair style should also have a soft feeling, medium and long hair is best. In short, pay attention to reflect your gentle feminine charm from all aspects. Try to avoid extreme, masculine styles.

Fashion line (avant-garde) style person

Fancy outfits, strange and strange.

She gave people the feeling of being very individual, and even some weird little witch temperament. Distinctive, individual, and not-so-standardized facial features, with bright eyes and compelling clarity. Although he is small in size, he is full of flavor. Like pepper, although it is small, it tastes crispy. She is: Although she is not big, she is very outstanding in a weird dress. The avant-garde type refuses to be mediocre and is unique in dressing. In short, the styles are outstanding, novel, unique, and highly personalized, and are in line with popular fashion.

Choose unique accessories, such as items with eye-catching colors, weird shapes, or “exotic” tendencies. All kinds of fringed boots, high-heeled shoes with a strong sense of shape, intricately decorated handbags, backpacks, etc. are the favorites of the “avant-garde type”. The bleaching and dyeing of wheat heads, super short hair, and refurbished styles are all suitable for the hairstyles that were popular in those days. Makeup must be bright and eye-catching. It can be a “drama-type” pocket edition, so you only need to reduce the size and scale. As long as she pays attention to this, she is the type that is easy to dress up “cool”.

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Girlish style people

Cute and sweet, like a little princess, as if she would never grow up.

To say that she is a “little demon” means that she is very individual, small and exquisite, lively and cute. The features are small and the eyes are bright. The body line is soft, sweet and pleasant. Elegant lace dresses and suits for her, as well as bows, lace, and small florals are her favorites. The curvy, short suit is very beautiful, most suitable for her who is exquisite and translucent.

The patterns of flowers, small dots, and small animals fit her appearance very well. She is also very suitable for wearing thin and soft fabrics, as well as rabbit fur, wool, and soft small cardigans.

The ornaments should not be too big, but should be slender, small, transparent and cute. It is enough to tie a bow of the right color on the neckline! Perm, braided hair, and ponytails are all lively and moving. Make-up should be soft, emphasizing watery eyes and round lips, but it must be clean and transparent. This is a type that is easy to dress up as a “fairy tale princess”.

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