The new trend of home sports is "moving" for the nationwide epidemic prevention

The new trend of home sports epidemic prevention

In response to the severe epidemic in Taiwan, the people did not go out to cooperate with the epidemic. In addition to starting daily online learning and home office work, they also greatly reduced the opportunities for outdoor outings and exercise. Home sports has become a new trend in life, in order to encourage people to continue to maintain their physical kinetic energy. , The official LINE account of the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education “i Sports Information” (ID: @isports) provides a video of “Nationwide Epidemic Prevention Home Moves”, allowing people to enjoy the fun of “home sports” together at home.

There are many benefits of home exercise. Using bare hands or readily available equipment at home to exercise the limbs and heart and lungs can reduce access to public places, avoid unnecessary movement and maintain social distance, so as to reduce the risk of infection, while maintaining privacy and flexibility. It is a sport mode suitable for all ages. Recently, celebrities and celebrities have shared the visual results of home exercises on social media, which has aroused heated discussion among the people. Many YouTube channels for yoga, aerobics and fitness have received a lot of attention, and they have joined forces to create a wave of home exercises. 

The official LINE account of the Sports Department “iSports Information” demonstrates several coup videos for home sports, hoping that people can continue to exercise at home and improve their immunity.

1. Warm up carefully before exercise

Warm-up exercises can increase muscle temperature and increase the body’s ability to respond, so that the body is ready to face the challenges of exercise. With simple actions, the body temperature will increase, the heartbeat and blood flow will rise slowly, the muscles and ligaments will become soft, and the joints’ shock absorption and cushioning ability will be increased, which can prevent sports injuries such as strains and sprains during exercise.

2. Slippage movement and sweating

With the equipment readily available at home, you can exercise anytime, anywhere. Using a frisbee with a lunge, you can exercise lower limbs and core muscles with simple movements. You can also use paper plates and rags to do more angle and direction training. If you are worried about the instability of the center of gravity at the beginning, you can also support the wall to assist. Slowly increase the number of times and changes in different directions.

Three, parents and children move together

The “bear crawl” posture for training coordination and exercise of the whole body muscles is an extension of the “climbing” and “squatting” movements in daily life. It can design a variety of situational games and is very suitable for playing with children. During this period, exercise is used to maintain immunity, and it also allows children to discharge while enhancing the relationship between parents and children.

Recently, everyone has worked hard to fight the epidemic. Various gatherings and activities have been canceled, making the return of “home” the biggest focus of life. “iSports Information” has also designed mini games for home sports, using items readily obtained at home to help parents and children. Exercise while playing, such as using ropes and chairs to combine hands and feet in a game space, or using umbrellas and paper balls to turn into a shooting machine, etc. Parents can also do yoga, squats, or use water bottles and elastics. With assistance, while accompanying your children, you can achieve the effect of retraining and fitness at home.

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