Which grow light should you buy?|WEEGrow

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Which grow light should you buy?|WEEGrow

Before purchasing grow light, it always pays off to do enough research about the growing light, such as high-pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent light or LED full-spectrum grow lights.

But this article will save you from reams of professional paper and time-consuming research, helping you go through all different kind of plant grow lights, and find out what exactly growing light do you really need.

  1. Which LED grow lights should you buy?

If you are a new gardener who wants to buy growing lights but being a stranger to growing light, in this case, WEEGrow can help you sort this out and offer you an affordable and high-efficiency LED grow light.

WEEGrow born out of our deep interest in indoor plants, running with the mission to provide the most convenient and low-cost grow light for you to achieve twice the result for half the effort.

We are in the effort to improve our products to keep up with the changing need to grow light since the establishment of WEEGrow. To be a powerful assistant, WEEGrow currently has LED growing light products with 2.4G group remote control, timing function, and unlimited group control for personal and commercial use.

With indoor plant grow lights sprung up and widely spread, there are several options for you to buy plant grow lights in the lighting market, including high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lights, and LED grow lights.

At the first beginning, fluorescent light, the traditional grow light, won by its red and blue light that is the most effective for photosynthesis of plants. But it lost its favor for its uneasy-to-install and the lamp holder that is susceptible to damp and short-circuit failures.

Although the widely used high-pressure sodium lamp has high intensity and full spectrum, it also consumes large power and low light conversion efficiency, which makes it become the second choice.

The third generation growing lights, feature high efficiency and a larger size of 3 x 3ft, providing the highest par/lumen output with the only 150W to achieve the greatest yield.

Adopting the principle of photosynthesis, led grow lights with full spectrum are designed to mimic the natural light, providing balanced light to plant growth. If you have large rooms and commercial setups for indoor plants, indoor plant grow lights pairing with a 2.4G remote control and timing function would help you put less effort.

Grow light is designed to provide the full spectrum required by photosynthesis, which stimulates plant growth in all stages. Each plant has its photoperiodism, which includes specific needs for the quantity, quality, and duration of light, and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR).

If the plant received the light below the required light, reducing the amount of PAR into the plant, there is no doubt that the growth of this plant would be worlds apart from those under lights for plant growth.

  • grow light for seeding.

Makeing the process of seeding germination last longer than you imagined. Under the latest technology, WEEGrow Q-1000 LED planting light with the full spectrum for seeding germination not only accelerates the seedling germination but also raises the yields of premium plants by 30%.

Fretted about large power consumption? These LED indoor grow lights only consume 120W, an ideal alternative to traditional grow light.

Considering the photoperiod and specific ranges of spectrum required by different plants, growing light is designed with a dimmable option, 5 brightness levels, timer with remote control, putting you in a position for customization.

Engineering with four led growing lights connecting with adjustable Gooseneck, WEEGrow has two LED growing lights for succulent plants, CS-100 and C-100, providing a full-spectrum and high-intensity light that the plants need in all stages of growth. If the light fails to work, you can replace it with other bulbs.

With the built-in timer, the LED growing light will be auto on/off after a preset amount of time, while the remaining time will be visualized on the LCD display screen of the strong clip, facilitating monitoring.

Due to extending its practical use, lights for plant growth are added with 4 dimming modes and 10 brightness settings (10% to 100%), which can be achieved by remote control without annoying manual operation.

  • plant grow light for cannabis flowers.

The led grow lights, QB-2000 and QB-4000, adopting Samsung LM301B diodes, upgrade its energy-saving feature and extend its life expectancy. Only 200W consumption helps you to save up to 30% electricity bill compared with the HPS or other SMD LEDs or Blurple lamps.

The led grow lights, made of fair waterproofing MEAN WELL driver and update aluminum board, not only can provide the same Photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) to your cannabis flowers with lower running cost to increase high-quality yield, but also save up to 20% cost for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC).

Without limitation of a specific height, the growing lights, equipping with the dimming knob, allow you to adjust its dimmability to meet the specific light intensity of different cannabis flowers, at the same time, full-spectrum light will be covered for cannabis needing in all growth stages.

Since its establishment, WEEGrow has been exploring every possibility that WEEGrow led grow lights can achieve, providing more convenient and efficient led grow lights. With the focus on the needs of light from gardeners, we also keep up with the latest technology and the trend of the times, upgrading our products and digging out more new ideas and tricks about indoor planting, and sharing them with you.

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