12 Thoughtful Gifts Every New Mother Will Love

When someone you love gives birth, it’s an exciting time full of celebration, baby showers, and gift giving. The gifts are usually baby-centric — either clothing for the baby or items the new mom will need to care for her child. While these are sweet ideas, new moms have just put their bodies through a massive transformation and, in addition to stepping into the new role of motherhood, they are navigating their changing bodies postpartum. Support the new mom in your life by giving a thoughtful gift to show her you see how incredible she is for bringing new life into the world. She may be dealing with hormonal imbalances and other personal challenges at this time, so giving her an excuse to pamper herself and feel comfortable and confident will be a welcome gesture.

1.      Trendy Oversized Sweatshirt

Tie dye is all the rage, and loungewear is the new work from home office wear. Why not help the new mom in your life dress to impress so she can feel stylish yet comfortable as she settles into this new life chapter? The slouchy material and wide sleeves of a trendy oversized sweatshirt are designed for relaxing days spent at home snuggling her new baby.

2.      Period Pouch

After giving birth, new moms will see their menstrual cycles eventually return. To support her as she prepares for her first period after delivery, give her an adorable period pouch for conveniently carrying feminine hygiene products in her purse. Period pouches remove the awkward element of pulling out a pad or tampon in a public space to take to the bathroom.

3.      Journal

The first days of motherhood are a tumultuous journey, and moms will experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Journaling encourages new moms to record their thoughts, feelings, and memories of the earliest days in their child’s life. Years in the future, looking back on the words in that journal will be precious. Journaling can also be an excellent way for new moms to decompress and relieve stress after a long day of caring for their newborn.

4.      Gift Bag or Gift Box

A gift box or bag gives you the chance to pamper the new mom you love with a variety of products, plus a beautiful keepsake box to commemorate the occasion. Pack the box with luxurious products, such as bath salts, essential oils, body lotion, and herbal teas, so she can take some time out for herself at the end of the day to relax.

5.      Colorful Wine Tumblers

If the new mom in your life loves a glass of wine, she’ll be looking forward to wine nights with friends again once she’s done breastfeeding. Give her a bottle of her favorite vintage and a set of gorgeous tumblers with the promise of sharing a wine night when the time is right.

6.      Adorable Heating Pad

Help her soothe any aches that occur in the weeks following delivery with a shaped heating pad. Choosing a fun design means she doesn’t have to hide it away in a drawer between uses, and she’ll be excited to use it when the need arises. For new moms, sleep is also ever fleeting, and a heating pad can be an excellent way to comfort the body and mind, aiding better sleep.

7.      Inspirational Cozy Blanket

What’s better for snuggling up with her newborn baby than a cozy blanket? A blanket also reminds her how much she is loved. Give the gift of comfort, warmth, and happiness with a snuggly blanket that features an inspirational saying on it. Make her feel like the superhero she is.

8.      Car Accessories

A new mom’s car can quickly become a disaster zone overrun with toiletries, baby bags, and other care items required to transport a newborn around town for a day. Help her maintain the car the way she likes with useful accessories like a set of car tissues that fit right in the cup holder, making them easily accessible. To keep garbage from floating around the car, you can also give her a pop-up trash can that she can hang off the seat. This will make it easy to dispose of tissues or baby wipes.

9.      Casual Loungewear

Get your girl some cute clothes she can feel comfy and confident in as she spends time at home on maternity leave. Whether it’s summery boho skirts or a knit jumpsuit, she’ll love feeling like she’s dressing up for the day while remaining relaxed and casual.

10.  A Cheeky Mug

Some mornings, when exhaustion strikes, what gets you out of bed is knowing you get to have your morning cup of coffee or tea in your favorite mug. Give the new mom in your life her own morning mug to help power through the early mornings after a sleepless night.

11.  Water Bottle Holder

If the new mom you’re surprising is an active lady who’s ready to get back to jogging with a baby stroller in tow, a water bottle holder is a perfect present. She’ll need both hands free for pushing the strolling but can carry her phone and water hands-free to stay hydrated and safe while she’s out.

12.  Glass Water Bottle

While new moms are busy worrying about the baby, it’s nice to know someone is thinking about them. A water bottle is ideal for breastfeeding moms who need better hydration than the average person. Show her you care with a reusable glass water bottle that encourages her to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Shower Her in Self-Care

Whether the gift you’re seeking is for a new mom’s baby shower or just because she’s a special person in your life, prioritizing her self-care is a fantastic way to express your support and appreciation. When everyone else is focusing on the newest member of the family, you’ll be supporting your friend, sister, or cousin in taking the best care of herself.

Choose gifts that will excite her and make her feel confident in her own skin, and that can help her navigate this new part of her life. If you are extremely close with the woman you’re shopping for, you’ll be able to gauge the tone of the gift even better because you can cater to exactly what she needs most during this exciting time.

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