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What’s something that pretty much everyone wants to win at some point in their life? A casino jackpot of course! Whilst it is pretty difficult to argue with this statement, the flipside is that it isn’t very easy to win a casino jackpot at all, in fact most people will spend their entire life trying, and may never actually succeed. But let’s be honest here, this is hardly surprising, because if casino jackpots were easy to obtain most casinos would quickly go bust!

Oh yes, in order for the online casino industry to survive the house needs to win more than us gamblers, it’s just the way it is unfortunately. But whilst this is undeniably true, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to win casino jackpots either. In fact, there are various completely legal casino cheats that work, and using them can greatly increase your chances of winning a casino jackpot. Keep reading for some casino cheats that work…

Blackjack card counting

It’s a bit of an urban myth that blackjack card counting is an illegal casino cheat, because in reality it technically isn’t illegal at all, however that being said, most casinos will probably kick you out if they spot you repeatedly using the tactic. Blackjack card counting isn’t the easiest thing to master, however if you do it could guarantee quite a few blackjack wins indeed.

Blackjack card counting works on the principle that you keep track of all the cards that have already been dealt from the deck, and in doing so you can form an accurate picture of what cards are left in the deck. As a result you will be able to bet with a lot more precision, as you will have a good idea of what cards may be pulled from the deck next.

Inspecting the roulette wheel

Oh yes, inspecting the roulette wheel might sound like a somewhat strange thing to do in a casino, however this is a great way for gamblers to legally cheat their way to a casino win in some cases. We have to say some cases here, because it isn’t particularly common to arrive at a roulette win after inspecting the roulette wheel, but it is possible.

You see, sometimes there are tiny defects on the roulette wheel that can cause the ball to drop in certain pockets more than others. Some expert roulette players sit and observe the wheel for hours before actually making a bet, because in doing so they will form an idea of what the best bets for that particular roulette wheel are.

Utilizing several casino bonus offers

These days casinos and online casinos are pretty accustomed to offering casino bonus offers to their customers, and a particularly savvy gambler would make sure they are making use of this across several different casino sites, not just the one.

Of course, this technically isn’t cheating, however we’re pretty sure most casino sites were only expecting you to take up their offer, not several at a time…

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