7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose

7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose

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Fashion Styles for You to Choose a good outfit is quite difficult. That is why it is nice to have a nice set of basics. This way you have a basis with which you can vary endlessly. These staples are the foundation of your everyday outfits. They are suitable for both business and pleasure, so you can effortlessly combine casual items with formal pieces. And certainly when you invest in quality, you can use it for years. We list eight basics. Make sure they are not missing in your closet and go out well dressed every day!

1. A good white shirt

Whether you want to dress formally or casual, a beautiful white shirt is always fresh and well-kept. You wear your shirt casually with nice jeans and sneakers . Business wise, the white shirt goes well with a thin V-neck sweater and jacket. It is best to choose a shirt that matches the build of your body. Slim fit if you have a narrower stature, regular fit if you have a wider build.

2. A dark blue jacket

The dark blue jacket is also indispensable for both private and business . By this we mean a jacket that is slightly more playful than a suit jacket. Think of a copy with a striking structure or print, or one with special buttons or stitching. Make sure the jacket fits nicely – even if you prefer a little too tight than too loose. With this item you can go in all directions. For your work you wear it with nice trousers and a business shirt, for private you wear it with a nice T-shirt, good jeans and a nice scarf.

3. A pullover with a V-neck

The V-neck sweater is also worth a place in your wardrobe. The V-neck fits nicely over the collar of a shirt. Go for a copy in the colors light blue, hard blue or cognac, these shades go well with most other items. For work you wear your pullover over your shirt with possibly a jacket. In your spare time, you wear the V-neck sweater with just an undershirt and your favorite jeans.

4. The dark jeans

Are you planning a presentation, or are you on the road with your friends? You will never miss the point with dark blue jeans without a wash. Dark blue denim goes with everything: from a more formal suit jacket to a sporty hoodie. Jeans come in all shapes and sizes. In any case, the perfect pair of jeans fits well with your physique and fits nicely.

5. The khaki chino

The chino should not be missing from this list . These pants are made of sturdy cotton and have practical side pockets. Because of its casual fit, it fits just as well as jeans and goes well with all other indispensable basics. For business you wear the chino together with a shirt and jacket. In your spare time you wear it with a nice tri or T-shirt.

6. A denim shirt

Another golden oldie and suitable for any occasion: the shirt made of denim. For business purposes, you can wear the denim shirt under a jacket, for example. In your spare time you combine it with a khaki chino. The advantage of the denim shirt is that you can also wear it as a jacket in the spring or autumn, over your T-shirt with possibly a nice scarf.

7. A special belt

Expand your current collection of belts in blue and brown with a colorful, striking or quirky item. With a special belt you give just that little bit extra to your outfit. The belt does not have to match your shoes. For example, go for a belt in a special color, a braided one or a belt with a nice structure, such as a crocodile or snake print. This gives your outfit and thus your appearance strength.

8. Good undershirts

Finally, the undershirt should not be missing in your wardrobe. The undershirt ensures that the clothes you wear over it stay beautiful for longer. In terms of color, white is always useful, as are neutral colors like gray and dark blue. Preferably choose an undershirt with a fine, thin collar, so that it falls subtly under your sweater or shirt. A piece with a V-neck is also recommended: the undershirt is not noticeable when you wear the collar open.

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