7 Great Tips to Help You Become Your True Self

7 Great Tips to Help You Become Your True Self

1. Know yourself, not who you want to be

Many people have a definite set of goals and they desperately want to move towards them. But that can make them loose sight of their true inner self. That can in turn make you forget your original passions and run towards a hard path. But what you can do when you start losing sight of yourself is to evaluate yourself by taking personality tests or talking to a qualified professional. These can help you find your strengths and weakness, and help you focus more on yourself than your goals.

2. Know what you are good at

There might be things you’re good at but the things you feel compelled to do feel more important. That can make you miserable and exhausted. To find out what you’re good at, first you need to learn to quit. That might prove to be very difficult and takes a lot of attempts, but you feel good when you finally find something you’re good at.

3. Explore your past

To truly know yourself it also necessary to know your own story. Willing to dig deep into your past, and coming our of your past experiences can help you in discovering your potential. Most people try to hide their past or simply forget the harsh experiences they faced. But unconsciously you’re acting in accordance your past without even knowing why. That can make you feel lost and detached. But when you start engaging with yourself, you can find some valuable insights. Then you can consciously start to change your behaviour and know your true self.

4. Embrace the silence

To find your true self, it is important that you attain silence. With millions of thoughts going inside your head, it feels like there is never a quiet movement. That can make you feel unstable and restless. But when you finally sit in the quiet, you feel like your thoughts might eat you alive. But, it’s important to give yourself time by sitting in the quiet and observing your thoughts and what you really want from life. And eventually you’ll be able to see your true self, by exploring every good and bad thing about your life.

5. Be compassionate and generous

Being generous and compassionate with others is a great way to discover yourself. It can help you improve your physical and mental health as well. And, it also helps you feel joyful that you have a purpose in life. Your personal journey and sense of responsibility towards yourself and the world around you are also nurtured. As Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”When you go on with your life, you realise that acceptance, generosity and compassion are main parts of knowing yourself.

6. Having support

You cannot chose your family but as you grow into an adult you can certainly chose who to associate with. Having a good set of friends is also important in discovering your true self. This happens when you have people who love you unconditionally and support in every decision. This can help you be more true to yourself and building confidence. Also they make you feel happy and accomplished in life. Inspiration from a certain to person can also help in a way that in being aspired to become like someone you know how you’d want to be like.

7. Know your people

A huge part of realizing your true self can come from people around you. You can only discover yourself when you know others well. And in turn they know you well. Most people don’t like confused and fake people, so what people need is the true you. When you evaluate and reflect on yourself, you can be a better person. Knowing your fears and coming out of them will make people trust you more as a person.

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