How to achieve mindfulness in 2021

How to achieve mindfulness in 2021

How to achieve mindfulness in 2021

This is an era of technology and frenzy, and people often forget to relax when it comes to certain situations. These tensions can arise from work, relationships, accomplishments of different goals and objectives in life. In order to achieve peace, you need to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state in which you can get happiness which you thought doesn’t exist. That happiness may seem nonexistent, but it is already there in front of us. When you are mindful you are aware of every single thought and feeling. The idea is to explore your feelings without judgement. Mindfulness also involves a state of acceptance of the situation around you without craving for certain goals. In this article, let’s explore different ways you can achieve mindfulness.


Meditating for 10-20 minutes in a day can help you clear your mind tremendously. Shut down every sound around it, be it mental sounds or physical ones, and try to relax. You can find an object to concentrate on, like a light. Focus on the light and don’t think about anything else, and you will feel a lot of difference. Meditation is a great way to achieve inner peace when you’re worried or confused about something. It can also help you make decisions when you’re torn between choices. It helps you connect more with yourself, as well as the world around you, be it family or work.  You feel refreshed mentally and physically and have a better day.In all honesty it is hard to concentrate at first. But if you keep trying, you’ll be able to feel the silence instead of jumble of voices in your head.

Actions matter:

Be aware of what you’re doing, or about to do. And if your actions are right of wrong. It is also important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. For example, if you are already full and want mor, think about how it will effect you. Or if you have to meet a deadline and you keep rechecking everything, think about why is that necessary. When you keep yourself in check about your action, you are actually being mindful at that moment. And, it helps you in coming to a good decision about your action as well. 

Multitasking kills:

In this digital era, everyone tends to multitask. Sometimes it’s easier to multitask, but studies have proven that people tend to take twice as long to complete their work when multitasking. Similarly, in multitasking you can make twice many as mistakes. That’s why it’s important to focus on one thing at one. To slow down and savour the process is the key to perfect results. It also helps to set a healthy focus towards your task. You can also save yourself from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. So if you’re eating, it’s better to just eat, rather than typing and eating at the same time. 

Eating with Mindfulness:

Continuing from the last point, it is very important that you eat mindfully. That means that you actually enjoy and savour the taste, rather than just filling your stomach. Although it is also necessary to fill your stomach, eating is an experience itself. So it’s not deemed right to eat in front of the television or computer. Because that can divide your concentration between the screen and food, and you’re unaware of what you’re eating

Lessen screentime: 

Even though screens have become an inevitable part of life, they’re bad for you for many reasons. They can damage the eyes, and the mind. They’re also a form of addiction, when you constantly want to check your social media, or play games. They ultimately take your peace of mind away by creating an obsession. So, it’s better to lessen screen time as much as possible. Especially at night, it beneficial to shut all of your screen two hours before sleeping. This promotes healthy sleep physically and mentally. 

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