Current Fashion Trends

Current Fashion Trends

The world is still revolving around the Pandemic and many have suffered. So has the fashion industry. But they’re making the most of it by unveiling some of the most beautiful and ravishing designs of the decade. They’re taking their inspiration from the past years this season, with oversize boyfriend shirts to bold yellow bags. Facemasks are also among the top trends of fashion weeks this year, with many creative designs.
Also, from Paris to Milan the world of fashion operated digitally this season. They live-streamed their fashion shows to the world via YouTube and Instagram, and held interviews with the stars through YouTube. Also many socially distanced in-person runways took place. Let’s explore some of the current trends of fashion here: 

Face Masks:

These days there are tons of designs to chose from when it comes to face masks. For fashionable people, it’s also important that their facemask goes with their outfit.  From embroidered to sleek black ones, there is a huge variety. Face masks are not only fashion statements, they’re initially to protect yourself. You can chose masks made with foam, or silk to breathe easier. You can also simply go with the typical surgical ones too. 

Oversized Trench Coats:

Jackets that make you look tall and chic, yes trench coats and oversized jackets are in season. They can make you look elegant and sophisticated, and very comfortable. Designers are also adding shoulder pads which make your waist look smaller and legs longer. You can pair them with jeans and trousers in neutral colours to look more modern. It is an aesthetic yet effortless look.

Xxl Boyfriend shirts: 

Similar to the trench coats, this style is also effortless yet modern. You can simply take your Dad’s or husband’s shirt and style it accordingly. Or you can purchase many boyfriend shirts available in the market. They are usually styled with jeans, mini shirts and trousers to complete the look. This season boyfriend shirts are rocking bright hues like pink and orange. 

More coats! 

This is the season for coats. Many designers are inspired by the folk culture and have brought out warm coats with delicate embroidery and lace. There are many colours to chose from as well. The coats can be monochromatic or bright, depending on your choice. And, this trend can look good on just about anyone. 

Head Scarfs:

This classic item is back in season. Inspired from the 50s and 60s, this chic look does not only protect your hair, but makes you look even more stylish. There are plenty of varieties and designs to chose from. They can be embroidered, laced, digital printed, block printed, or just simply one colour. Also, they can have block letters or floral motifs. And they aren’t only worn to protect hair. You can style them by tucking them under your chin or wrapping in around your neck. You can tie them on your bag as well. They’re timeless and look good with anything. 

Pastel and yellowish hues:

A trend which was dominant on the 70s, pastels and yellows are back with a blast. You can mix and match these colours to make your ensemble more flattering and stylish. These colours are perfect for spring and summer and compliment any skin tone. From suits to frocks and turtle necks every style is available. And they make a good pair with bright colours as well. This season style yourself with these colours to make yourself look sexy, chic and elegant. 

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