Knobs, Pulls, Or Handles: How To Choose The Right Cabinet Hardware For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. It needs sturdy cabinet hardware that wouldn’t need repair and maintenance at short intervals. With the right kitchen hardware, you can prepare and serve meals for years to come.

What To Consider Before Selecting Cabinet Hardware For The Kitchen?

You need to keep several things in mind while selecting the right cabinet hardware for your kitchen. As the world advances in every field, the home interior area is second to none in innovations and modern ideas.

Pulls and knobs can significantly change and elevate the look of your kitchen space. The cabinet hardware itself has several types. You would find knobs, pulls, and handles of different types, but you will have to put forth your likes and needs while making a choice.

We have listed a few important things to consider while selecting cabinet hardware for your convenience.

Type Of Cabinet Hardware

First, you have to choose from the different types of hardware out there that are available for kitchen cabinets. Your choice should depend upon your comfort, the type of cabinet, and the quality of the hardware mainly. You can choose either of them or a combination of pulls, knobs, and handles.

For instance, a horizontal cabinet that is wider and opened upwards after pulling would need a strong handle. Similarly, a sliding kitchen cupboard door will need a smaller knob. For other typical cabinets, the typical knobs that you can easily pull would be suitable.


Knobs occupy less space on the cabinet door as they are petite. They can be conveniently installed by using a single screw. Knobs are less costly than other hardware. They are suitable for drawers as well as cabinets. You can open the respective cabinet by applying less force using a knob. Moreover, knobs are easily repairable and don’t require professional help from outside most of the time.


Pulls are relatively bigger than knobs. They can make a style statement for your cabinets and drawers. They can also be combined with knobs on the same piece of furniture. They align well horizontally with the design and linear structure of the cabinets or other kitchen furniture.


Handles are more convenient to use as they can immediately open your drawers and cabinets. Handles are available in various materials, the most used of which are metal handles. They are also available in various shapes, sizes, and attractive designs. You can choose from them according to your taste and the theme of your kitchen.

Handles, knobs,  and pulls have types molded into different exotic shapes and vibrant colors that change the whole look of your kitchen for the better. Such unique cabinet hardware is suitable for upscale kitchens, such as open kitchens that merge with the living room.

Size Of Cabinet Hardware

The sizes available in knobs, pulls, and handles might confuse you. There’s no hard and fast rule for selecting the sizes; however, an appropriate measure would be that a pull’s length should roughly be one-third of the width of the cabinet. Estimating the size this way would save you a lot of trouble, and the pull wouldn’t look out of place after attaching it to the cabinets.

For example, let’s consider a drawer that is 12 inches, a small size. For a drawer of this size, a 4-inch pull would be ideal. A knob for such a drawer should be 1 inch in diameter. Similarly, the pulls and knobs should be larger, measuring one-third of the length of the large cabinets.

Color And Material

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your comfort and kitchen style. Black is the king of all colors and gets along with any theme. It also gives your space a neat, organized, and classy look.

So you can go for it without any second thought. Don’t hesitate to choose mixed metals for your cabinets, as they are long-lasting and reflect your aesthetic mindset.


You now have this handy guide as a scheme at hand for choosing your cabinet hardware. Keeping in mind all these points, you are all set to go out and pull your favorite pulls! Remember, Comfort, style, and quality are all that matter. Contact Cabinet Solutions USA for any questions regarding kitchen cabinets!

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